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Elizabeth Suárez of Negotiation Unleashed to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — For decades, Latinos have made invaluable contributions to U.S. history. As artists, musicians, athletes, fashion icons, and activists, from pop culture to politics, Latinos have indelibly contributed socially, culturally, and politically. Yet, shockingly, even as the US Latino population is on the rise, in the corporate world they continue to be underrepresented in C-suites and boardrooms throughout the country. The fact is a tremendous number of Latinos and Latinas are qualified high-potential individuals and for the good of our country, we need to give Latinos direct access to C-suite and boardroom opportunities. Fortunately, one woman is breaking barriers ensuring Latino voices are heard, and that they finally go from being invisible in corporate leadership to acquiring their rightful place at the top of the corporate ladder.

Elizabeth Suarez is a top-notch Leadership and Negotiation strategist, sought Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, and Author of the best-selling book The Art of Getting Everything and has been featured on ABC Primetime, 9News, WAPA-TV, El Nuevo Día, Univision, and Telemundo.

“Through my boutique consulting firm, I focus on promoting a diverse workforce as well as coaching leadership development for Latinas and Latinos that are in mid-level management to uplevel their careers and prepare them for next-level leadership. As such, my focus and vision are mainly to acquire a better representation of Latinas/Latinos as well as women of color across all decision-making tables in this country. Strong evidence supports that it is vital to the success of any business to have a diverse and inclusive workforce and it has become my mission and life’s purpose to promote C-Suite and board equity by preparing talented Latinos/Latinas to step into these high-level executive positions.”

Elizabeth says there is still not one company where its C-suite or boardroom represents the markets they serve. For instance, if 40% of a company’s clients are Latinos that C suite and boardroom should have 40 percent Latinos. Logically speaking, that’s how leadership should look like.

“Through my role as an Executive Coach, I offer my clients the resources, tools, and knowledge to navigate their transition into leadership roles. I help them foster mindfulness, uncover blind spots, increase self-awareness, and shift perspective so they can become the best version of themselves.”

Elizabeth also teaches us the art of negotiation which are critical to business success, so you become better, stronger, and more confident.

Prior to becoming a coach, Elizabeth had a very successful career in corporate America. Elizabeth holds a BS in chemical engineering from Cornell University, an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from the Executive Management Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Over the years as she rose through the ranks, but one thing nagged at her incessantly. That there were absolutely no other Latinas like herself in mid to high-level executive positions and she began feeling isolated, frustrated, and not comfortable being able to show up authentically. That’s when Elizabeth decided it was time to leave corporate America behind and follow her purpose to help the next generation become the new leaders. The time for positive change for Latinas are NOW and as an experienced executive coach, she is providing support and her invaluable expertise.

“It’s not how well-educated Latinos/Latinas are, it’s about the representation of them in management. In fact, when I worked in corporate America for two decades the number of them in mid-level roles was very limited. Today, there are numerous Latinos/Latinas in managerial positions, and this is where they remain stagnant. Through my coaching, I work with this particular group of individuals to aspire them to the top spot as C-suite leaders as they develop a new mindset, flexibility, agility, and a deep desire to find success.”

Without these talented Latinos in the C-suite, we are missing out on the opportunity to utilize the exceptional capabilities Latinos offer with far-reaching consequences that negatively impact our global workforce in dire need of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace. As Elizabeth points out, white men still hold most executive positions as CEOs, managing directors, and financial officers.

Because most of Elizabeth’s clients suffer from imposter syndrome, overwhelming feelings of self-doubt where they question their own readiness for promotions, she also coaches them on ways to overcome and combat the feelings of self-doubt that are holding them back.

Elizabeth also wrote the bestselling book The Art of Getting Everything mainly aimed at the younger generation of women, especially Latinas, to guide them in their careers so they can flourish both personally and professionally. And it’s a must-read!

Elizabeth is also widely recognized for her keynote speaking and YouTube videos that have been helping people worldwide master and hone their skills personally and professionally.

“As an experienced executive coach, I understand the unique challenges Latinas and Latinos face. I’m dedicated to helping high-achieving ambitious individuals advance in their careers and unlock their full potential so they can build executive presence and move forward with confidence. My work is focused on helping you achieve success and live your purpose with absolute joy and intention.”

Close Up Radio will feature Elizabeth Suárez in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday May 9th at 1pm EST

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