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Interstate Music and The 615 House Announce Strategic Collaboration to Revolutionize Artist Support

Chris Ruediger (Left) Jeff Peterson (Right)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Interstate Music, a leader in artist management and music production, joins forces with The 615 House, a dynamic content-first media company, to enhance the services available to artists at various stages of their careers.

This collaboration leverages Interstate Music’s extensive resources in artist branding, merchandise management, and high-quality production capabilities with The 615 House’s influential social media presence and creative community. This partnership marks a significant milestone in providing comprehensive resources and innovative platforms for artist development and exposure.

Jeff Peterson, CEO of Interstate Music, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, “We’ve been in discussions with Chris Ruediger of The 615 House for over a year, and it’s clear that our shared vision and complementary capabilities can create something truly special for the artists we support. Working with Chris and the team at The 615 House is invigorating; it’s like we’re building a new home for artists. Our combined efforts will provide a platform where artists aren’t just heard, but truly supported at every step of their journey.”

Chris Ruediger, CEO of The 615 House, described the collaboration as a milestone for both organizations. “This isn’t just about combining resources; it’s about creating a space where artists can genuinely flourish. This collaboration with Interstate Music allows us to offer our artists a more expansive platform and a wealth of creative resources that were previously beyond our reach. We’re turning our shared vision into a reality, making a significant impact in the lives of artists and the community.”

By combining forces, Interstate Music and The 615 House amplify their ability to reach wider audiences, enhancing the exposure of artists through integrated marketing strategies and joint events. From Merchandising, Artists Management, Content Creation, Music Production, to Social Media Management and everything in between, artists can benefit from a holistic approach to career development, ensuring they have the support needed at every step of their journey.

Peterson elaborated on the nature of the collaboration, highlighting the mutual benefits. “Together, we’re looking at the full spectrum of an artist’s needs and addressing them in innovative ways. It’s about more than services; it’s about creating a sense of belonging and a supportive community.”

Ruediger added, “Our goal is to make every artist feel at home, with the tools and support to explore and express their artistry. This partnership enhances our ability to produce not only music but also a vibrant creative culture that reflects the dynamic spirit of our artists.”

What Artists and Fans Can Expect

This collaboration promises to bring a fresh wave of energy and creativity, offering artists enhanced exposure and fans a richer musical experience. “Expect to see new, original content that breaks boundaries and exciting events that showcase the best of what our artists can do,” said Peterson. “We’re setting the stage for a revolution in how artist support is done. Fans can expect a surge of fresh, original content that brings artists closer to their audiences while providing new ways to engage with music as well as live events, exclusive online content, innovative social media campaigns and behind-the-scenes experiences.

For more information or to get involved, please visit the615house.com & interstatemusic.com

Joseph Shackelford
Interstate Music

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