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Introducing Party On The Moon: A Premium Party Band From Dennis Smith Entertainment

The premium party band, Party On The Moon, promises unforgettable, high-octane, luxury entertainment

Dennis Smith Promises Elevated Luxury Entertainment With His Premium Party Band, Party On The Moon

We want to keep things fresh and exciting…Playing the same old songs makes things stale. We like to keep guests guessing which hit we’ll play next. The reaction to these songs makes it all worth it.”

— Dennis Smith

UNITED STATES, August 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Throwing a high-end premium event requires everything to go according to plan. This includes high-end entertainment.

With high-end entertainment comes live music. And with live music comes premium party bands, entertainment professionals, often working in the industry for decades honing their craft, and luxury event experts that make milestones and celebrations shine.

A Premium Party Band For Premium Entertainment

In the realm of premier corporate and private party entertainment, a band stands out at the forefront. With a rich legacy, Party On The Moon stands proudly as leader of Dennis Smith Entertainment, and the bandleader proudly states, ‘America’s unrivaled #1 Corporate and Private Party Band.’

Led by Smith and a trusted team of musicians and musical professionals, this band promises to be more than just a musical ensemble – they promise an experience that will help leave an indelible mark on their audiences nationwide.

For over 1,000 global shows, Party On The Moon has played for audiences from every walk of life at luxury events. From figures like Jesse Jackson and Ted Turner to oil sheiks, NFL Quarterbacks, U.S. Presidents, CEOs of global conglomerates, and discerning brides and philanthropists, Party On The Moon’s performances have been a hallmark of opulent luxury and exhilarating entertainment.

But why does Party On The Moon enjoy such demand from the upper echelons of society?

The answer lies in Smith and his bandmates’ dedication to their audiences and crafting a successful party environment. Smith states, “Every event, no matter its scale, is a canvas on which memories are painted, and Party On The Moon aims to craft a memorable experience for everyone attending. Especially for those throwing the event.”

At the heart of Party On The Moon lies their commitment to crafting an experience where every guest departs with positive emotions.

The band and its bandleader’s dedication to delight showcases the band’s performances but also in the testimonials of countless satisfied clients, too.

When clients of Smith choose Party On The Moon, they select a package of entertainment that includes a three-hour non-stop show. At that exhaustive performance, acclaimed artists with storied pasts join Smith. Smith states that over the years, his fellow artists have shared the stage with icons like Diana Ross, Train, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, Maroon Five, Carrie Underwood, and many other musical legends.

Along with music bona fides, the band members boast an extensive repertoire. Party On The Moon personalizes its setlist to match the client’s preferences for their event.

“We want to keep things fresh and exciting,” claims Smith. “Playing the same old songs makes things stale. We like to keep guests guessing which hit we’ll play next. The reaction to these songs makes it all worth it.”

But Smith knew that he couldn’t merely craft a band that played some songs and called it a night. He wanted something more, so he infused his performances with choreography and meticulously designed costumes from esteemed professionals like Johnny Glanton. Glanton has a long history of crafting choreography, namely with party bands, so Smith knew he was the perfect fit.

But Smith, again, knows that not adding something exciting or fresh would do clients a disservice. He set out to snag guest performers people would recognize immediately. In particular, he worked with Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath to infuse performances with some recognition and nostalgia.

“Playing a non-stop show alongside well-known rock and pop musicians gets the crowd on their feet,” he says. “It keeps the show fresh. Plus, we love working with talented musicians whenever and wherever we can. It’s sort of a personal and professional treat for us.”

Along with musical versatility, Smith wanted to ensure that his bandmates and performers, above all, brought positive, fun energy to performances and luxury events they played at. “If we’re not in a good mood, we’re not giving our high-end clients the best show we can give them, so having that fun-loving and dedicated attitude is very important to me,” he says.

About Dennis Smith

But behind the curtain of this high-end entertainment experience stands Dennis Smith himself. With decades in the entertainment industry, he continuously aims to hone his craft and make each subsequent performance his best.

Smith, a musician, composer, and consultant, has a distinctive approach, combining structural theory, storytelling, and music composition.

Dennis knew he had to focus on more than music. Although he got a love of music and performance at a young age, he expanded his reach through writing and luxury event planning.

As a published author, his book “Rock ‘n Roll, Martial Arts & God: Tips on Success from the Masters” gives readers some insights into his process and personal journey.

In an era where entertainment transcends mere spectacle and becomes an everlasting memory, Party On The Moon and Dennis Smith fight to perfect their performances for their clients and partygoers everywhere.

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