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KTCJ Solutions and 17 Media Announce Strategic Partnership in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

17 Media CEO Ms SF Hu

KTCJ Solution Marketing Director, Moon C Chan

KTCJ and 17 Media will work on creating cutting-edge marketing solutions for Chinese speaking communities in SEA.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, April 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 17 Media, the leading WeChat network and owner of Hey!LionCity one of the largest WeChat communities for overseas Chinese (those born in Mainland China) residing in Singapore and known for its close affinity to its members, serving the half-a-million strong population subgroup in SEA has partner with KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd, an innovator in digital business marketing to offer a wide range of turn-key digital marketing services for its clients in Malaysia & Singapore.

“At 17 Media we have worked diligently the last 5 years to use media, data and technology to enhance our Chinese speaking platform in Singapore. We are excited to partner with KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd and combine our expertise to create innovative solutions for our clients in Malaysia and deepen our target digital distribution here in Singapore”, 17 Media’s CEO, SF Hu stated.

KTCJ Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest digital marketing service as it serves a business segment largely ignored.

Since its launch in 2022, KTCJ Solutions a HR Tech company based in Malaysia has been providing training for companies focusing on genetics and wellness. As part of its growth plan it is also focusing on soft skill management to artificial intelligence in healthcare through collaboration with leading healthtech companies to offer programs that help people learnt to manage their anxiety, stress and body image. With the new partnership, they expand their offerings to cater to the Marketing needs of modern-day business owners and developed a comprehensive platform marketing service for its clients including WeChat ,Weibo and Little Red Book with this new partnership.

“With this partnership, we believe we can create deeper connections with our communities through immersive experiences with a focus on creating meaningful relationships and fostering positive change (health and wealth) KTCJ Solutions will also help these companies to find the right influencers for their products in order to reach to their target audience”, KTCJ Solution Marketing Director, Moon C Chan stated.

Moon C Chan, a newly appointed Marketing Director has more than 15 years of experience in influencer marketing & event management, besides, Moon C Chan also owned a construction firm providing property related solutions to developers and corporates. In his new role he will be driving the growth of the new Marketing vertical.

“We are eager to partner with 17 Media in SEA especially in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and its expertise in applying technology to solve marketing challenges in this segment makes them a great partner for KTCJ Solutions,” said Kenny Thing, Managing Partner for KT Cap Consulting.

About KTCJ Solutions (KTCJ)

KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd (REG 202201042611), incorporated in Malaysia in year 2022, a company offering solutions with technology enablement. Focusing in Employee Experience enhancement, KTCJ blend Learning, Healthcare, Wellbeing as part of its’ offering.

KTCJ Solutions Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of KT Cap Consulting Pte Ltd, a boutique regional management consulting firm based in Singapore.

Visit us at www.KTCj.my or LinkedIn for more information.

About 17 Media Pte Ltd

17 Media as an all-channel, one stop marketing solution platform based on the WeChat eco-system, weibo and little red book specialising in the Chinese market of South East Asia and China. We are authorised distributors for the entire Tencent services, product line and social media platform operations. 17 Media bridge businesses to connect with targeted consumers through in-depth know how of the strengths and advantages of the WeChat eco-system. We listen and strategize tailored marketing solutions, building brand awareness and expanding sales channels.

17 Media has also been blessed to service local and overseas clients, with a pool of resources at hand to provide support through cross-border payments, consumer community building, social media outreach, traffic generation and supply chain optimization.

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