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Network With Disruptors during NFT NYC, as Apes Together Strong and Pigeons of New York presents a Web3 NYC Experience

April 13 Event Invite

April 14 Event Invite

April 14 Speaker Schedule

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The “Web3 NYC Block Party Experience” will take place on two days over this week; April 13 at LOFT39 in Manhattan, and then on April 14 at La Bodega in the Bronx, coinciding with NFT.NYC, the biggest NFT conference in the U.S. This two-day program promises to be a memorable experience of innovation, education, and culture. Attendees can expect a diverse range of programming.

The “Web3 NYC Block Party Experience” will bring together thought leaders in the Web3 space, industry disruptors, influencers, musicians, NFT/Web3 creators, visual artists, media outlets, developers, designers, athletes, creatives, brand managers, label executives, social impact leaders, and more.

Thursday, April 13, the festivities will kick off with the Apes Together Strong NFT Mixer, bringing together NFT communities from around the world, including Apes Together Strong, Supreme Kong, Hoodies, Ape Reunion, Puff Puff Pandas, and Pigeons of New York.

Friday, April 14 will bring the first ever Web3 event of its kind to the Bronx, and will feature Web3 Discussion Panels, Live Art showcases, Music performances, NFT Community exhibits, a Hip-Hop Food Truck, DJ Sets, as well as the launch of the “K.I.P. (Keeping It Pigeon)” Podcast, which will be hosted by the visionaries of Pigeons of New York.

“I am beyond excited to have been selected as an approved speaker at NFT NYC in April. I’m returning back to NYC after traveling the country for 10 years and returning back a father, married man, and business owner and now bringing Web3 education, technology, and experts to the Bronx” states Jim Hernandez, of Pigeons of New York. Returning to New York after 10 years, Jim is the co-founder of Pigeons of New York, alongside his best friend and fellow Web3 maven, from Brooklyn, Marcus Maxwell “aka Smartz.” Together, they’ll be hosting the much-anticipated event in the Bronx, highlighting Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrency, fashion, music, and art, in the specially curated and designed La Bodega venue.

Web3 industry experts from across the country will lead discussions on various important topics on the Friday, including mental health, music NFTs, and even the legal side of the industry, with the “Building Your Business for Web3” Chainvision Fireside Chat, hosted by Michael Khan of Chainvision. Attendees will learn about the latest developments as well as trials and tribulations of the industry, in Web3, NFTs, and blockchain technology, when trying to start up in this volatile market.

Live music will close out the second night, with a blazing After Party, featuring performances by: Spottie Wifi, Muzik, Joey Capitano, Ne$$y The Rilla, Christiano Covino, FEA, and up-an-coming R&B songstress Morrae.

Overall, the 2 days of the “Web3 NYC Block Party Experience” promises to be an exciting and informative event for anyone interested in the Web3 space. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and thought leaders, see some of the latest NFT projects, and experience live art showcases and music performances. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the biggest NFT conference in the U.S. and experience the “Web3 NYC Block Party Experience.”

Sponsors and partners supporting the two days of programming, includes: Pigeons of New York, Let’s Disrupt Digital, Apes Together Strong, Metasill, OKXWeb3, Suja Organic, Supreme Kong, Puff Puff Pandas, Ape Reunion, Hoodies, Web3 Bloc Chain Show, FEA, Burnarj, FINTECH.TV, Angry Elephant, Chainvision, Phil-osophical, STAY Media, Hot Salad Company, Gene Traders, Gremgoyles, Behind The Scenes Magazine, Stay Magazine, IN BLVCK, Third Eye Inspirations, Bad Dogs Company, The Hip Hop Food Truck, Web3 Fits, Amy Hanks Public Relations, Rock Famous, The Farmacy Fantoms, Supreme Clientele Vodka, as well as Raekwon’s new Licataa Wine.

The April 13th event is by invite only, but for more information and to purchase tickets for the much-anticipated April 14th event, visit the event website at http://www.pigeonsofnewyorkevent.com, and come be a part of the experience.

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