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Physical Therapists & Holistic Health Practitioners Get Unparalleled Digital Marketing Solutions from DaDigitalSense

US, May 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — DaDigitalSense Marketing, the leading HIPAA-certified digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce that it is now extending its services to holistic and integrative medicine practitioners. This strategic move enhances the company’s ability to help physical therapists and holistic/integrative medicine professionals grow their businesses by leveraging the power of digital marketing.

The goal of this new partnership is to make it easier for people to access the holistic, natural and non-invasive healing methods offered by physical therapists and holistic/integrative medicine practitioners. In addition, DaDigitalSense Marketing can help these practitioners reach more potential clients, build trust through engagement with their existing customers, and create more public awareness about the advantages of taking a holistic approach to healthcare.

The team at DaDigitalSense Marketing works closely with physical therapists and holistic/integrative medicine professionals to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the online marketing landscape. The company offers an array of services including Google Business Profile optimization and management, marketing automaton, website design, reactivation and resell campaigns, content creation, social media management, SEO, email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing, reputation management, and more. All these services are tailored specifically for each client’s unique niche and needs.

According to Abigail Ogbe, the founder, “We are laser focused on helping physical therapists, Holistic and Integrative medicine practitioners grow their practice by filling the gap in their marketing, utilizing proven marketing systems that have been strategically adapted to these practitioners.” “By ensuring predictable growth without expensive ads, DaDigitalSense Marketing is transforming the way that healthcare professionals connect with their clients and grow their practice,” she continues proudly.

Lauding their success, Dadigitalsense Marketing was nominated as the Women-Owned-Business of the year in 2022 by the African Chamber of Commerce Colorado.

To learn more about their marketing services, visit https://dadigitalsense.com/

Abigail Ogbe
DaDigitalSense Marketing

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