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Feuerman’s ‘Sea Idylls’ Makes the Move From Park Avenue to the Seaport

Press Release

Jun 6, 2024

After spending a year on Park Avenue in Manhattan, five of Carole A. Feuerman’s iconic swimmers can be seen at the Seaport of New York City. They will remain until the end of November 2024. This historic neighborhood, considered the cradle of America, provides the ideal backdrop for her monumental works. Overlooking the East River and with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop, this open-air exhibition offers – to tourists and New Yorkers alike – a walk imbued with aquatic poetry.

Renowned for her Superrealist style, Feuerman has meticulously honed her craft over the past five decades. Her sculptures possess an uncanny resemblance to living beings, rendering them almost indistinguishable from actual people, were it not for their imposing or miniature proportions. Often capturing women in serene, meditative poses adorned with glistening water droplets, the sculptures at the Seaport deviate from this characteristic feature. Instead, they engage with their surroundings, inviting the rain to caress their surfaces and breathe life into their forms.

One of Feuerman’s captivating works, Survival of Serena, stands proudly at the end of Pier 17. With the majestic Brooklyn Bridge as her backdrop, and the East River flowing behind her, she patiently awaits your arrival, beckoning you to capture a remarkable selfie in her presence. Another masterpiece, Justice, presents a poised woman in a graceful lotus pose, perched upon a gleaming, polished stainless steel sphere. As you gaze upon it, the sculpture mirrors both your own reflection and the surrounding environment.

Source: Carole Feuerman Media

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