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Melcher Studios Releases Rhythm and RPG Mobile Game RoodyMental

Press Release

updated: Dec 20, 2023

RoodyMental Mobile Hybrid Rhythm and RGP Free to Play Game for iOS and Android.

Melcher Studios has just released an edgy and addictive new free gaming experience. An adventure like no other, RoodyMental is built around hundreds of musical pieces, composed for the game by musicians from around the world. 

It incorporates:

  •   Two unique weapon systems that are fully upgradeable and customizable.
  •   Four weapon classes for each system.
  •   Many different SONIC PACKS to choose from and earn to change the sound of your weapons.
  •   Two interwoven game modes, each with its own upgrade tree.
  •   SuperCube Boss battles that will test your abilities like no other.
  •   800 ancient scrolls that you can learn to help you defeat the enemy AIBOTIKS.

RoodyMental for mobile is available on IOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free. For more information, go to https://www.melcher.ca/roodymental  

Experience RoodyMental:

The player will traverse the world, setting up weapon systems in order to destroy the ore cubes as they rise to the surface. There is only one shot at the cubes of ore before they move into the processor and are turned into energy. Each cube of ore has a weak side that you need to hit with your weapon. It is crucial that you time your shots to the beat in order to destroy the cubes and harness the energy within them. Miss too many cubes and the enemy tank will fill up, causing you to lose the level and a life.

If you are accurate with your shots, you will fill your tank first and you will destroy the mine. Destroying the mine will cause the enemy to send troops to attack you. This is where you will need to utilize your missile system in order to destroy the AI machines before they take you out. If all AI machines are destroyed, you will move on to the next level. Along your journey across the globe, you will earn ancient scrolls that will help in your quest to end the AI reign.

It’s in a time of great turmoil. AI has taken over all official governance of the world. You are humanity’s only hope for survival. No pressure! AI has taken over all official governance of the world. It has been determined that the only way to save the planet is to eliminate all human life. In order to survive, the human race had to retreat into the shadows. You are a Shayder. The mission in life is to destroy the AI Mines and steal their energy, converting it into materials that help you destroy their mines.

Source: Melcher Studios

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