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Owner of the Bureau Fashion Week Speaks Out on All the Craziness at His New York Fashion Week Shows

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Sep 18, 2023

From Faux Ariana Grande, a Kanye West impersonator, and a trash bag intruder to big artists like Tyla Yaweh, Yung Pinch, and Woah Vicky, they all had one thing in common: it all went viral and all happened at The Bureau Fashion Week in Midtown this past weekend.

The fashion world is abuzz following the recent runway crashers at The Bureau Fashion Week in Mid-Town Manhattan. For the past 10 years, The Bureau has been the go-to destination for celebrities and top influencers from around the world. Two seasons ago, stars like Apollonia Barbie, Shannon St Clair and Josh Goldstein of Love Island, and Dallas Cowboys Football star Osawaru Odighizuwa all began to show an interest in runway shows. This sudden surge in interest from popular YouTube and TikTok stars has created a wildfire of excitement for The Bureau. Angel Wings Designer Krissy King, who has been a part of the The Bureau Fashion Week since its inception, has stated that the appeal of seeing your favorite stars on the runway is undeniable.

This past week, Fashion Week welcomed Creators Inc., one of 48 renowned designers showing alongside Krissy King the Label, Style House, Pia Bote, and Alonso Maximo to take the event to the next level. On Saturday, September 9th, the night was star-studded with the likes of Ariana Grande lookalike Paige Niemann, Tyla Yaweh (who recently released a song with Chris Brown called City of Dreams), and Woah Vicky. Jack Doherty, the prankster, was also among the crowd. According to owner Brady King, it was a night to remember.

When FW Staff spotted the Shower cap guy on the runway, they weren’t sure what his intentions were, so staff followed the procedures that FW has in place for these kinds of situations. No one was sure if it was premeditated or not, but with 300 press photographers watching, it was certainly a prankster’s paradise. Brady King went on to say that we are introducing further safety measures for NYFW in February, since it seems like this is becoming a trend amongst pranksters, and several other runway shows this season have experienced similar issues like Coach and another independent.

Krissy King and Creators Inc. runway shows are always a hot spot for celebrities and press, so it was no surprise they picked this showcase. Pictures have been released that show the “Shower cap prankster” wearing a microphone duct taped to his chest – leaving everyone wondering if they will get to hear the footage in a future YouTube video. Fortunately, no legal action has been taken. It looks like the night ended without any major incidents and fashion week attendees seemed to enjoy the humor of it.

Source: The Bureau Fashion Week

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