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Renowned Marketing Minds Will Gather on September 28th to Celebrate the Launch of Manuel Suarez’s Widely Acclaimed and Highly Anticipated Debut Book, ‘Marketing Magic’

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updated: Sep 15, 2023

Manuel Suarez to Unveil Highly Anticipated Debut Book ‘Marketing Magic’ at Attention Grabbing Media World Headquarters, Featuring Renowned Emmy Award-Winning Speaker Mr. Les Brown. The book ‘Marketing Magic’ is the story of how Manuel Suarez amassed more than 7 billion views, 50 million social media followers, and $250,000,000 in yearly revenue without paid advertising.

Entrepreneurs and business owners, prepare for a unique marketing journey. Manuel Suarez, CEO of Attention Grabbing Media, and Co-founder of NaturalSlim USA, a visionary in the world of marketing, is on the brink of launching his highly anticipated book, “Marketing Magic,” on September 28th. Drawing from his vast experience and remarkable success, Manuel has masterfully crafted a comprehensive resource that will empower entrepreneurs and business owners to elevate their marketing efforts and achieve unparalleled results.

A journey that delves deep into his own experiences is replete with trials, triumphs, and invaluable lessons. With every turn of the page, Manuel’s unwavering focus on marketing and motivation reveals the secrets behind his extraordinary success. 

Beneath the surface of this gripping narrative lies an emotional thread that weaves the tale together. A thread that traces back to the early days of Manuel’s life, where a profound father-son bond sowed the seeds of his marketing prowess.

Frank Suárez, the illustrious Puerto Rican nutritionist and creator of the NaturalSlim brand, along with the stellar success of his YouTube channel, Metabolismo TV, with 8 million subscribers, stands as the beacon of inspiration. With Frank’s nurturing guidance and boundless support, Manuel’s dedication to excellence and relentless drive to push the boundaries of digital marketing sprouted. 

Together, Manuel and his father Frank grew from just one country and 100K followers to a legacy that has grown into millions of followers, billions of views, a global distribution spanning 14 different countries, and generating a quarter billion dollars in annual revenue, without paid advertising. 

Step into the pages of “Marketing Magic” and you’ll find yourself embarking on a transformative journey alongside Manuel himself, sharing his own experiences and lessons learned along the way. With an unwavering focus on marketing and motivation, Manuel reveals the secrets behind his extraordinary success and presents practical steps to execute impactful marketing strategies.

By following the expert guidance laid out in the book, readers will gain the knowledge and tools to craft and implement a winning marketing plan tailored to their specific business goals.

Source: AGM – Attention Grabbing Media

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