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A Call for Devs to Shape the Future of GalaChain Through Block Explorer Creation

GalaChain Explorer Hackathon Sponsored by Gala.


Gala has a long history of bringing the community in to develop collaboratively, both as employees and externally, and this is the start of the next phase of the public development of GalaChain.”

— Jason Brink – President of Blockchain

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a significant step towards fostering innovation and community involvement in blockchain technology, Gala has announced a new bounty initiative aimed at encouraging developers to participate in the creation of a block explorer for GalaChain. This initiative not only underscores Gala’s commitment to community-driven development but also offers an exciting opportunity for developers to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.

A Generous Bounty for Innovation

Gala is offering a bounty of 1 million $GALA tokens or a coveted Founders Node — based on the winner’s preference — for the developer or team that creates the most innovative, efficient, and user-friendly block explorer for GalaChain. This bounty serves as a testament to Gala’s dedication to rewarding creativity and technical prowess in the blockchain space.

Open Access to API Documentation

To facilitate this development, Gala will be making API access documentation available for download. This documentation will provide crucial information and tools needed by developers to access and interact with GalaChain data efficiently. The open access to these resources represents Gala’s commitment to transparency and its support for open-source development.

Building the Future of GalaChain

The objective of this initiative is clear: to develop a fully functional, user-friendly block explorer that reflects the needs and aspirations of the GalaChain community. Developers are encouraged to focus on transaction tracking, wallet address queries, validation details, and smart contract interactions.

What Developers Need to Know

To participate, developers must ensure compatibility with GalaChain and its technology, prioritize security, ensure mobile responsiveness, and adhere to open-source practices. The block explorer should be intuitive, visually appealing, and offer customization options to enhance user experience.

Innovative features that set the explorer apart from existing explorers for other projects are highly encouraged. Gala also emphasizes the importance of incorporating community tools and advanced analytics for a deeper insight into GalaChain’s activities.

The Road to Success

Participants are required to submit a detailed project proposal outlining their concept, features, and development roadmap. They must also provide comprehensive documentation covering setup, features, and troubleshooting, along with plans for ongoing maintenance and support.

Evaluation and Rewards

Submissions will be evaluated based on technical proficiency, innovation, user experience, and potential for long-term impact. The winning entry will be awarded the bounty of 1 million GALA tokens or a Founders Node.

Join the Movement

This initiative is more than just a contest; it’s a call to action for developers around the world to be a part of something transformative. It’s an invitation to influence the future of GalaChain and, by extension, the blockchain industry.

Gala’s new bounty program is not just a challenge, but an opportunity — an opportunity for developers to showcase their skills, for innovators to bring their ideas to life, and for the entire community to witness the evolution of GalaChain.

Developers interested in participating can find more information and download the API access documentation on Gala’s official website. The future of GalaChain is in your hands — let’s build it together.

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