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A Heartwarming Gift Choice to Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Birdfy Christmas Special

Birdfy Smart Feeder Christmas Special

Birdfy Smart Feeder Christmas Special

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Greeting card

Greeting card

Birdfy team is delighted to launch the brand new Christmas edition(limited) of its product collection this year.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Birds in sight, Joy in mind. Birdfy team is delighted to launch the brand new Christmas edition(limited) of its product collection, with packagings and accompanying accessories thoughtfully tailored for the upcoming holiday season. This year’s collection includes Birdfy Smart Feeder, Birdfy Feeder Bamboo, Birdfy Nest and Birdfy Pro-perch Extension.

Birdfy Feeder is designed for automated capturing of bird videos as they visit and collect food from the integrated seed feeder with a smart camera. It features motion detection, real-time notifications, and AI technology to identify birds, ensuring users never miss a moment and can enjoy smart birdwatching anytime. This year, Birdfy has taken a step forward to showcase its commitment to sustainability by introducing two new bamboo-based products: Birdfy Feeder Bamboo and Birdfy Nest. These offerings promote higher ecological value and provide customers with a more aesthetic and reliable choice.

A Christmas Exclusive Birdfy
With the upcoming deals and gift season, Birdfy is delighted to introduce Christmas Special Packages for its main product lines. The Christmas Special Package is designed specifically to fit in the holiday elements of the Christmas season, while adding a greeting card inside for customers to write down their wishes and express care and love for their family or friends.

It is also noteworthy that with the Birdfy app, every Birdfy user is able to spread their joy of watching birds on phone anytime by sharing their device with more than 20 friends for free. Birdfy believes that sharing is a gesture of care, and giving a gift translates to creating a hobby and a delightful topic to enjoy with your loved ones. Thanks to this feature, users are able to connect with nature and get closer with their family and friends.

Special Edition Comes with First-Come, First-Served
The Christmas Edition all come with limited number. To add more festival vibe, Birdfy team prepare special gifts to add in Birdfy Feeder Chrismas Special, with heat-warming gifts into the package with a first-come first-serve basis. Special gifts include:

1. 2024 Birdfy Calendar

The Birdfy Calendar comes with 12 beautiful bird drawings, each meticulously drawn by members of the Birdfy team and are designed to match the theme of each month. The calendar also features bird and nature-related festivals, serving as a reminder for everyone to participate in various activities throughout the year.

The first 500 orders will unlock this special gift with the purchase of the Birdfy Smart Feeder Christmas Special.

2. Cute Christmas Ornament Set

The Birdfy team has also prepared a special Christmas ornament set exclusively for the first 30 orders. This set features four figurines designed to be attached to the perch of the Birdfy feeder. Users can even place seeds in the mini sleigh. With this ornament set, users can transform the Birdfy feeder into the ultimate Christmas centerpiece and take amazing festival pictures with birds in the frame.

*Please note that the Calendar and ornaments mentioned are only included in the Birdfy Smart Feeder Christmas Special package.

To sum up, Birdfy’s newly-released Christmas Special Collection is the ideal gift choice for everyone to show love and care for their cherished ones during the holiday season. Birdfy team is thrilled to announce that this limited edition is now available for pre-order on the Birdfy website, with shipments expected by the end of October. Visit the Birdfy website for more information: www.birdfy.com

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