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Artist Pat Broderick’s Werewolf Western ‘Bronze Star’ Breaks Crowdfunding Record

‘Bronze Star’ Cover by Pat Broderick

The werewolf creature from 'Bronze Star'

The werewolf creature from ‘Bronze Star’

Bronze Star interior panels by Pat Broderick

Bronze Star interior panels by Pat Broderick

The new ‘weird western’ graphic novel Broderick created with award-winning writer Mike Baron just reached a fundraising milestone on the Fund My Comic platform.

BRONZE STAR will go down in history as the greatest western graphic novel ever penned and drawn”

— Peter Brandvold

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pat Broderick’s BRONZE STAR graphic novel is a supernatural ‘weird western’ about cowboys, werewolves, and other Lovecraftian beasts. While the subject matter is definitely niche, particularly in an era where superhero comics are ubiquitous, the horror comic just achieved the goal of raising more money than every other comic book on the crowdfunding website FUND MY COMIC.

The brainchild of writer and artist team Mike Baron and Pat Broderick, BRONZE STAR follows the story of a veteran of the Civil War who earns a living shooting game and gambling. But after an unfortunate disagreement abruptly ends a game of poker, he ends up on the run from an angry posse, and ends up in the grip of a small town straight out of a Lovecraftian fever-dream.

With its mix of action, romance, and supernatural horror, BRONZE STAR offers a unique take on the western genre that critics describe as “Sergio Leone meets H.P. Lovecraft,” and is sure to appeal to fans of all ages. In fact, acclaimed Western novelist Peter Brandvold says “I have no doubt that BRONZE STAR by Baron and Broderick will go down in history as the greatest western graphic novel ever penned and drawn. Every panel, every bullet jumps right off the page and into eternity.”

The response to the campaign has been overwhelming, and Broderick and Baron are thrilled to have been able to bring this project to life. “I’m really excited to be working on this project with Pat,” said Baron. “It’s a great story, and I think people are really going to enjoy it.”

The graphic novel was fully funded in just one day on Kickstarter, then went on to raise more than double its original goal on Indiegogo, two of the leading crowdfunding websites. But when a new crowdfunding platform aimed directly at comicbooks launched earlier this year, Eisner winning writer Mike Baron, who has seen great success in the area of crowdfunding, insisted the team launch the project at FUND MY COMIC, and the strategy paid off handsomely.

The book also hit an important milestone on the new crowdfunding platform this week, becoming the first comic project to pass $20,000 in funding, and it continues to climb the charts, surpassing even their Kickstarter campaign. “I’m stunned,” said Broderick. “I didn’t think we’d hit that milestone at all, much less so quickly, but the response has been amazing. People are really excited about this project!”

Many comic book fans are familiar with Baron’s writing for The Punisher and The Flash, and Broderick’s artwork for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, especially titles like Alpha Flight, Batman, and the Micronauts. Director James Gunn credits Broderick with creating one of his favorite comic titles ‘The Creature Commandos,’ which DC Studios and Gunn are now developing into an animated series for HBO Max and scheduled for release in late 2024. Meanwhile, Broderick and Baron’s comicbook creature will arrive just in time for Halloween as their BRONZE STAR graphic novel is scheduled for release around the middle of October.

With this week’s Harvest Moon also being the second of only two supermoons in 2023, the pair felt it was the perfect time to stop taking pre-orders as they plan for all books and goodies to be shipped out to supporters before the end of October. Final order cut-off takes place this week at bronzestarcomic.com.

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