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Bestselling Author Scott Jennings Releases Beams Over Streams, 2nd book in the Construction Adventures Children’s Series

Beams Over Streams – Let’s Build a Bridge by Scott Jennings PE

An illustrated book for helping kids understand the world of engineering and construction and provides a heartwarming representation of industry families.

If you’re into construction and/or engineering, this book is great to get for kids to introduce them to this field of work!”

— Danette Abamonga, USA

HONOLULU, HI, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author and civil engineer Scott Jennings, P.E., has launched the second book in his bestselling Cathedral Termite series, creating a fanciful, lavishly illustrated world geared specifically to children and parents in construction and engineering families.

Beams over Streams, Let’s Build a Bridge! is the second installment in the story of the adventurous termites. The 36-page illustrated book—whimsical art by Jared Salmond—combines engaging storytelling with insights into the world of civil construction and engineering. Once again, Jennings delivers a unique, entertaining reading experience that is both fun and educational for children.

Beams Over Streams, Let’s Build a Bridge! follows everyone’s favorite termite, the ever-resourceful Ted, in an exciting adventure as he endeavors to build a bridge to get his friends across a stream. The teaching book shows kids how teamwork, effort, and a dream can combine to build a complex bridge. As with his successful first book, No More Potholes, Let’s Mill & Fill!, Jennings has successfully managed to turn complicated construction and engineering projects into relatable, engaging, and wildly enjoyable tales for young minds.

Beams Over Streams goes beyond the surface of other children’s books about construction and provides a meaningful educational experience, fuels kids’ curiosity, and encourages them to ask questions and understand the world around them.

“Through my books,” says Jennings, “I aim to spark an early interest in construction, fostering a love for creating and understanding how the things that hold our society together are built.”

Beams Over Streams, Let’s Build a Bridge! is available now on Amazon.

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