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BlocqX Labs Unveils The X NFT Integration in the Upland Metaverse Super App

The X NFT Explorer

The X RANGE on Upland

Unpack your tactical Gear and prepare for the X RANGE on Upland

Genesis Week Las Vegas

Genesis Week Las Vegas

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL, USA, May 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — BlocqX Labs is thrilled to announce the integration of its groundbreaking gaming project, The X NFT, into the highly popular Upland Metaverse Super App.

This integration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain-based gaming, introducing Uplanders to an exhilarating new tournament gaming experience never offered on the platform.

The X NFT Genesis Collection was developed & produced by BlocqX Labs, powered by ModeMeta VR, and led by former Activision Blizzard lead game designer Dan Dilallo (aka Lt. Dan).

This is the first phase of a revolutionary social gaming platform that seamlessly merges Web2 gaming, military tactics, and the tactical lifestyle culture with the cutting-edge advancements of Web3 technology. By harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), The X NFT offers players a unique opportunity to own their in-game assets, learn, connect, and explore an immersive gaming universe while engaging in thrilling play-for-UPX game modes.

One of the standout features of The X NFT integration is the introduction of The X Outpost within the Upland Metaverse Super App. The main architects of the X Outpost are Upland community leaders Satoshisveiw and Ese Esero. Both had the vision to bring the first Call Of Duty-style game to Upland. That game is now a reality called the X Range which will be revealed at the upcoming Upland Genesis Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Sahara Hotel & Casino June 8th – 9th.

Satoshisview stated, “Uplanders will soon have the chance to put their aiming skills to the ultimate test as they compete for UPX rewards in this fast and challenging gaming experience. They’ll step into The X Range and prepare for heart-pounding battles against fellow Uplanders, where the stakes are high, and the rewards are plentiful”.

Within The X Range, players can immerse themselves in an adrenaline-fueled environment that combines real-world tactical elements built by former Special Forces operators. Ese Esero was equally excited to share that the in-game load-outs are “Digital Twins of real-world weapons that give the players cutting-edge gameplay mechanics, jaw-dropping visuals, and interoperable blockchain integration. The X NFT sets a new standard for interactive entertainment within the Upland Metaverse Super App.

Playing for UPX in The X Range is simple and engaging. Uplanders will navigate various game modes, honing their skills and strategizing their approach to outwit opponents. As they conquer challenges and triumph in battles, players can earn valuable UPX rewards, enhancing their virtual assets and expanding their influence within the Upland Metaverse.

“We are thrilled to bring The X NFT to the Upland Metaverse Super App,” said Sean Marra, CEO of BlocqX Labs. “This integration is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the gaming landscape with Web3 technology that allows the players a layer of ownership and greater access and utility. The X Range will offer Uplanders an unparalleled gaming experience, where they can showcase their tactical prowess, connect with like-minded players, and earn UPX rewards.”

BlocqX Labs continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Web3 gaming space, and The X NFT integration in the Upland Metaverse Super App represents an exciting leap forward. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with thrilling battles, epic victories, and endless opportunities for growth, ownership, and rewards.

About Upland:

Upland is a virtual property trading game based on real-world addresses. It allows people to buy, collect, sell, and trade the land in their city or elsewhere.

Actual ownership is secured on the blockchain and rewards players with Upland’s in-game currency UPX. In addition, landowners, from major brands to individual players, can build upon their land and develop virtual locations that create fun experiences and new opportunities for everyone at the intersection of the natural and virtual worlds.

Uplandme, Inc. is a globally distributed organization. Its headquarters are in Silicon Valley, where it was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein, and Idan Zuckerman. The R&D center is located in Ukraine, with further team members across Europe and the US.


About the X:

The mission of The X NFT Collection is to preserve history and make it actionable and ownable while building a thriving web3 community through a high-stakes strategy game.

About BlocqX Labs:

BlocqX Labs is a web3 agency headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, focused on revolutionizing the gaming industry through blockchain integration and developing web3 applications that empower businesses to create immersive and engaging gamified experiences and communities for brands and consumers.

About ModeMeta: ModeMetaVR is a leading VR/AR development and technology company that builds State-of-the-art configurators for leading automotive, weapons, and entertainment companies.

About Sahara Las Vegas:

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The X is coming to Upland

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