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Develop a New Appreciation for Nursing Homes with Peter Busacca’s How a Nursing Home Works

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Set where the caregivers of a vulnerable generation are found, experienced nursing administrator Peter D. Busacca, BA, MBA, ACHA, LNHA, published How a Nursing Home Works with PageTurner Press and Media. As posted by Allison Walker in a Pacific Book Review, this in-depth guide “cleanly breaks down the complexities of a nursing home.”

In a Readers’ Favorite book review, Ruffina Oserio highly regarded what Busacca put into this book that got recommended by The US Review of Books: “Peter D. Busacca brings his experience to the work and provides answers that readers will want to know.”

The fine details presented by Busacca in How a Nursing Home Works “give a deeper sense of what the resident can expect in day-to-day care,” according to the book review submitted by Barbara Bamberger Scott in The US Review of Books.

A veteran nursing home administrator professionally imparted an insider’s view, offering “a comprehensive sketch of the intricate institution of the modern nursing home.” With his extensive knowledge and experience as the foundation, Busacca began How a Nursing Home Works “with an overview of how such facilities are managed, he then provides detailed chapters that focus on specific elements of the nursing home experience,” as summarized in a featured book review in Kirkus Reviews.

It was an engaging and pleasant read for Edith Wairimu as described in a Readers’ Favorite book review: “Written for both medical and non-medical professionals, How a Nursing Home Works by Peter D. Busacca employs accessible language that any reader can understand.”

In further book reviews in Readers’ Favorite, literary critics K. C. Finn and Ruffina Oserio praised the prose’s confident narrative style that “takes readers on an informative journey through the different departments of a nursing home,” and the “overall tone would be of great comfort to the family aspect of the intended readership.”

Tiffany Ferrell expressed in her Readers’ Favorite book review what made her impressed about this intricate introduction of a particular healthcare facility. Busacca did an excellent job of “showing the reader that a nursing home isn’t just a place where the elderly come to live. There is a lot involved that we don’t know about that keeps the doors open.”

How a Nursing Home Works garnered a book recommendation and five-star book ratings and hinted at a second volume. But first, families of present and future nursing home care recipients and healthcare professionals already working and looking to grab career opportunities in the nursing home field are urged to secure paperback and e-book copies of this reference book at www.pageturner.us.

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