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‘DimeTime’ – The Korean founders Web3 Productivity App, Now Live on HOME Verse, Oasys L2 Blockchain


TOKYO, JAPAN, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — double jump.tokyo, Inc. (“double jump.tokyo”), which develops applications using blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce that “DimeTime, a Web3 productivity app, will be playable on HOME Verse. Built on top of Oasys, a Layer 1 blockchain designed for gaming, HOME Verse offers a seamless web3 gaming experience for its global player communities and optimized development environment for game developers.

■About DimeTime

Introducing DimeTime, a Web3 productivity application designed to reward achievements. While smartphones have undoubtedly added convenience and enjoyment to our lives, take a moment to reflect on your daily routine: have you noticed yourself involuntarily checking your phone during meals, conversations, studying, working, or even while driving? DimeTime emerged with the purpose of acknowledging the importance of concentrated time spent on activities, rather than constant engagement on smartphones. Users can set a timer, immersing themselves in focused tasks, while the Children of the Sun set sail by Tokibune, in search of a Piece of Time. When users are successful, the rewards they collect along the way provide them with an immediate sense of the value of that time.

■ How To Start

Players can begin playing the game with a non-NFT Tokibune, which is gifted at the start. When a user connects their wallet to the game, they receive a small amount of the game token. Additionally, to earn further rewards, users must purchase Tokibune NFTs to receive rewards at each achievement. Tokibune NFTs can be purchased from the Tofu NFT marketplace at https://tofunft.com/collection/dimetime/items.

Tokibune NFT: Tokibune is the game-fi element of DimeTime, where users will send Tokibune to sail around the ocean for a set amount of time to collect game currency. There are time limits in how long a user can send the Tokibune on sail to collect rewards which can be extended either through game tokens, certain in-app items or higher grades of NFT.

There are five grades of Tokibune: Common-Uncommon-Rare-Epic-Legendary. Different grades have different base stats, different gains as you level up, and different amounts of time you can set at the maximum level.

$DTC: DTC is DimeTime’s utility token and is the mainstay of the DimeTime economy. DTC can be earned through in-app activities and is primarily used to grow Tokibune. The total supply of DTC is 1,000,000,000.

$PoT: PoT stands for “Piece of Time” and is DimeTime’s in-game money. Like DTC, it can be earned through in-app activities and is used to purchase in-app items that are designed to make DimeTime fun for users.

Set a Timer

On the timer setting screen, select the Tokibune you want to set sail, add in-app items, choose the category of time you want to focus on (study, walk, etc.), and set a target time to focus on.

Stay Focused

Once the timer starts, Tokibune will set sail, collecting rewards in the form of tokens, PoTs and DTCs, stochastically every unit of time.

Claim Crypto Rewards

If successfully complete the voyage without using your smartphone for the set time, you can earn the rewards you have collected.

Track Your Progress

You can always check your usage history on the statistics screen, which aggregates your focused time and purpose over time.

■ DimeTime game play video


■About HOME Verse

“HOME Verse” is a blockchain certified by Oasys, developed and operated by double jump.tokyo Inc. It offers high transaction speeds and zero gas fees, allowing users to enjoy a variety of blockchain games without any hassle. This concept-free platform is suitable for both major and indie game developers, providing them with a user-friendly and flexible platform to create and launch their games.


Website: https://www.homeverse.games/

■ About double jump.tokyo

Founded in 2018, double jump.tokyo Inc. is the leading startup in Japan that specializes in NFT solutions and blockchain games, such as “My Crypto Heroes” and “Brave Frontier Heroes.” The company is a technology solution provider which partners with large-scale enterprises to help them successfully incorporate blockchain technologies into their games and company strategy. double jump.tokyo has partnered with some of the largest gaming companies including Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Sega, as well as LINE and bitFlyer Holdings. The company’s goal is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of NFTs and blockchain technologies across the global gaming and entertainment industries.


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