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Empowering Diversity & Inclusion Through Custom Merchandise, from the Founder of Queerencia

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COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today marks a significant milestone in the realm of wholesale merchandise solutions – big and small – as PridePromo proudly announces the launch of its customizable apparel and merchandise solutions. Formerly Qpromo, the revamped brand was designed to celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and spread awareness by providing a unique space for businesses, organizations, and individuals to create customized promotional products that allow them to ignite their pride – and their passion – whether it’s around the office, cheering on their favorite sports team, or celebrating at their local pride event. PridePromo is an extension of Queerencia, an industry leader in LGBTQ+ apparel and accessories, founded in 2020 by Ty Collier.

“Queerencia was born by pairing my background and expertise with my passion for supporting the queer community, empowering them to tell their story through product and encouraging them to be bold and proud of who they are,” said PridePromo CEO Ty Collier. “With a vision to promote pride in all its forms, PridePromo has evolved as an extension of Queerencia to reach further and deeper into the intersectionalities and advocacy of community empowerment through promotional products.”

Key features of PridePromo include:
– Diverse Product Range: PridePromo offers an extensive collection of high-quality products, including apparel, accessories, stationery, and promotional items, each customizable to suit individual preferences and branding needs.

– Collaborative Process: PridePromo values teamwork and collaboration. They believe that diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts lead to better solutions and stronger relationships with every client.

– Supporting LGBTQ+ Causes: A percentage of every purchase made on PridePromo goes towards supporting LGBTQ+ charities and organizations, making every transaction a step towards positive change.

– Bulk Orders and Corporate Solutions: PridePromo caters to businesses and organizations of all sizes, offering competitive pricing on bulk orders and corporate merchandise solutions, reinforcing their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Join PridePromo in their mission to create a world where everyone is celebrated for who they are. To explore the wide range of customizable merchandise and to learn more about their impactful initiatives, visit PridePromo.com.

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