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Explore Authors Magazine releases its list of hottest new books to read this April

Mark of the Coven by Eileen Roof

A Dance Between Light and Darkness by M.C. Ryder

A Dance Between Light and Darkness by M.C. Ryder

He Knows I Know by Angel Bloxham

He Knows I Know by Angel Bloxham

Grab a warm cup of tea and curl up with a book from Explore Authors Magazine’s list of hottest new fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books to read this month.

Add an exciting new book to your personal library from Explore Authors Magazine’s recommended list of hottest new fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books to read this month.”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Available in paperback, eBook, and hardcover via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.

In Mark of the Coven by Eileen Roof, a young mage sets off on an epic adventure to regain her freedom after she is marked by a terrifying vampyre clan in this exciting new YA fiction. Dark Shadow Press, 979-8988027904

The Heart Runners, by Chuck Chan, an investigative reporter sets out to investigate a deadly robotic heart in this heart-pounding international espionage/science-fiction thriller, Leadership Club Limited, 979-8-9877534-0-8

The suspenseful werewolves and vampire saga continues in M.C. Ryder’s pulsating novels, The Darkest Side of the Moon and the sequel, A Dance Between Light and Darkness. NEW: A Darker Demise, A compilation of short stories. M.E.C. Publishing, 979-8987074602, 979-8987074626, and 9798987074640

Allison Tinsley by Michael J. Molloy follows a widow who is reawakened by potential love after a series of traumatic events in this wonderful slice-of-life contemporary novel. MJM, 978-1088096710

Dream Walk Live by Mac Harvey shares the inspirational story of a man from a small town with big dreams of achieving greatness. A testament of perseverance. Oceanfront Press, 979-8218176495

He Knows I Know, by Angel Bloxham is an enthralling and suspenseful tale about a slowly decaying town and high school with dark secrets that leads to inevitable danger in this captivating mystery. Starbrook Press, 978-1399948661

After a skydiving jump leaves him injured and paralyzed from the neck down, while mid-air, Gary Pacelli recounts his survival against the odds in the true life memoir, Not My Time. From the Ashes Publishing, 979-8987835289 and 9798987835272.

James E. Larson’s book is so “punny” it will leave readers in stitches. Enjoy the wordplay and fun puns in Pundemonium! Volumes 1 , 2. and 3 Lefse Press, 979-8987439203 , 9798987439227, and 979-8987439241

The Vacant Seat and its sequel The Secret Heir by C.J. Toca, are paging-turning international thrillers brimming with royal intrigue and conspiracy, reminiscent of The Davinci Code in this heart-pumping series. Saddle Ridge Publications, LLC, 979-8-9868996-0-2

Chaos in the Da Chi and Chaos in Da Chi 2, by Latisha Miller tell the story of six women who face the challenge of finding love in Chicago, in this delightfully cheeky urban tale. New Book Authors, 978-1088109670

Julie Regan Smith, releases her insightful memoir on Interior Design, Green is Not a Color! A Professional Chronicle to Interior Design Success. A wonderful and enjoyable read. Green Emerald Press, 979-8-218-16124-8

Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers, and Milagros: A Memoir, Into the Fire of Original Experience by Dennis Swiftdeer Paige, challenges readers to “look beneath the surface”. Dreaming Coyote Press, 979-8-218-15842-2

They met on Valentine’s Day. BISIA & ISHAM: The Countess & the P.O.W. by award-winning journalist Toni Reavis tells the powerful real-life story of an escaped American P.O.W and a Polish countess who meet during WWII and marries after 11 days. Cleveland Circle Press, 979-8987108000, 9798987108017

Oscar the Owl has so many questions about the sky, in Who’s Munching on the Moon, in this incredibly adorable story about an owl eager to learn about the phases of the moon. Coming soon: April 2023

An adorable and charming children’s fiction, The Day I Lived Inside my Head by Ariel Fields explores how to face one’s feelings and emotions. Lola Grey Publishing, 979-8987977903

In May the Best Killer Win by Benjamin Kalb, two serial killers try to best each other for a million dollars, provided by an anonymous benefactor in this pulsating and clever espionage thriller, winner takes all. Last Fifty Cents Publishing, 979-8-218-18548-0 COMING SOON, May 2023

The Women in Me: How They Helped me Survive and Thrive by Nancy Maloney-Mercado and Jackie O’Donnell is an inspirational memoir about the influences of the women in their lives and how women can help each other with healing and coping from trauma. Sunflower Press, 9798218105679

In Giving Me Butterflies by Katie Marie , a young teacher rediscovers passion with her mysterious but cranky neighbor in this lovely and beautifully written slice-of-life contemporary novel. Midnight Moon Publishing, 979-821818138-3

Recharge: Practical Devotion for Everyday by Regina Campbell, Ph.D. is an insightful Inspirational journal that looks to help readers reconnect internally. An ecstatic recommend. A Total You, 979-8987597101

Nanncie Constantin’s Abiding in Christ: 30 Day Devotional is just the inspirational guide readers of this popular genre may be seeking. ISBN, 979-8-9874971-0-4

Enjoy Saratoga Naturally, a lovely coffee table book of Saratoga’s most beautiful parks & preserves by nature photographer Louis Valenti, Spa City Publishing 979-8-9854236-3-1

The Tangled Web by Cheryl Corriveau follows a widow who is reinstated into the FBI while tracking the man she once loved across the globe, in this exciting international spy thriller. Endless Endeavors Publishing, 979-8-9872331-0-8

James R. Bower’s new young adult reference book, the “United States of America, States, Capitals and More” covers state flags, state birds, and other facts about the U.S., is a colorful and thorough resource for readers. Average Dog Publishing, 978-1-7337590-6-9 and 978-1-7337590-7-6.

Elevate Your Resume by Heather Michelle Harmon teaches how to effectively structure and organize a resume with metrics and accomplishments for career acceleration in this helpful guide. Global Window Publishing, 9798218158927

The Journey by Jess Sweeny spans decades of history in the U.S. in the author’s historical memoir. A insightful snapshot of America’s business industry. Acorn Hill Press, 979-8218140014

The Takeback: A Vampire’s Revenge by J. H. Dean is a gripping, pulsating tale that follows a blood-thirsty vampire on the hunt for revenge. Harry G Publishing, 979-8987487501

From Dis-ability to This-Ability by Meetra Nahavandi explores Rising Above Life While Living with Spina Bifida: A Memoir. Rise Above Press, 979-8-218-14649-8

The Last Triceracorn (Book Two) by Vincent M. Miceli is the sequel to the wildly popular YA fantasy adventure The Last Triceracorn (Book One). Coming soon

In Indemnification by Carroll Dean, a series of malicious tragedies force an upstanding man to look at the world as he had never seen it before. Coming soon.

Eileen by Nancy Harker is a wonderful historical memoir set in Wisconsin spanning from the mid-1900s, coming soon.

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