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Flora Botanical Incense Announces Fully Funded Kickstarter Campaign

ENNIS, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flora Botanical Incense is proud to announce the successful launch of its fully funded crowdfunding campaign, unveiling its premium line of sustainably sourced plant-based incense. The campaign, which runs from April 9th – May 9th, has already captured the attention of incense aficionados and environmentally conscious consumers alike.

Flora Botanical Incense is unlike other products on the market, particularly through its steadfast commitment to sustainability and transparency. The Kickstarter project, while amidst a platform often dominated by tech and gaming, is making a statement with its back-to-nature approach in offering a product that harks back to ancient traditions – where incense was synonymous with sacred woods, resins, and roots.

“I am very excited by the amount of interest we have had in our campaign thus far,” says founder of the project, Alyssa Severeid. “Many people who enjoy incense are looking for natural alternatives to the plethora of synthetic options on the market, and I can’t wait for them to experience Flora.”

At its core, Flora offers incense crafted from a full disclosure of 100% sustainably harvested whole plant ingredients, providing consumers with the clarity they need to make informed decisions. The commitment to avoid ‘fragrance’ as a hidden ingredient underscores Flora’s transparency. Furthermore, while synthetic fragrances are economically efficient to produce, Flora believes in the intrinsic value of plant-based aromatics and is dedicated to ethically sourcing and fairly compensating for these premium ingredients.

The cost, although higher than synthetic variants, reflects the ethical sourcing, sustainable agriculture, and fair compensation for those tending the aromatic plants – often nurtured for decades. Flora Botanical Incense not only prioritizes quality but also contributes to conservation efforts, ensuring a sustainable future for aromatic plants.

“Embracing fragrance that whispers rather than shouts, Flora’s incense is designed for those with delicate sensory palettes, providing a subtle aroma that fosters an energetic shift without being overwhelming,” Severeid states. “These therapeutic benefits speak highly to traditional aromatherapy, known for its restorative properties.”

In line with its environmental ethos, Flora’s packaging is home compostable and recyclable, ensuring that after the incense has served its purpose, it leaves minimal impact on the planet. This holistic approach is rounded off with the partnership with Airmid Institute, to safeguard medicinal and aromatic plants for future generations.

For further information about the Kickstarter campaign, please go to http://kck.st/3TNAu.

About Flora Botanical Incense

Flora Botanical Incense, the brainchild of Alyssa Severeid, reflects a synthesis of deep knowledge of aromatherapy and herbalism with a mission to offer quality plant-based products. This devotion to the craft of incense is matched by an equal commitment to sustainability. As an organization, Flora is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards reconnecting individuals with the aromatic wonders of nature, responsibly and sustainably.

Alyssa Severeid
Flora Botanical Incense

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