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Friendly Songs Introduces New Sound Module with Four Play Modes offering an Enhanced Music Experience

Friendly Songs Introduces New Sound Module with Four Play Modes offering an Enhanced Music Experience

The Friendly Songs 2-Hour Sound Module holds over 70 Songs!

With a single button which controls play, pause, next track, etc the Friendly Songs Sound Module is very easy to use.

Kids love the simplicity of using the Friendly Songs DIY Sound Module

Parents love that the Friendly Songs Voice Box holds hours of music so that they don't have to listen to the same 15 second clip of music over and over again.

The Friendly Songs Voice Box is becoming a favorite among Parents in Singing Stuffed Animals

Friendly Songs continues to dominate the market with its exclusive sound module which holds over 2 hours of audio, now with 4 play modes including random play.

We are thrilled to introduce our new sound module with four play modes. Our team has worked hard to provide users with more options and control over their music experience.”

— CEO of Friendly Songs – Brian Klecker

WARRENVILLE, SC, USA, July 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Friendly Songs, a leading provider of voice boxes for stuffed animals, has announced the release of their new 2-hour sound module with four play modes. This latest update gives users even more options to customize their music experience and enjoy their stuffed animals’ audio in a whole new way.

With the new Four Play Modes, users can now choose between All Tracks Mode, Single Track Mode, All Tracks Mode with Random Play, or Single Track Mode with Random Play. This means that whether you want to listen to all your songs in a specific order or have a random selection, the new sound module has got you covered.

The All Tracks Mode allows users to listen to all their songs with a single press of the play button, while the Single Track Mode lets them play one song at a time with the unit automatically pausing in between each track. The Random Play options add an element of surprise, with the tracks playing randomly rather than in order. This gives users the freedom to switch up their music experience and use the mode that best fits the user’s needs.

“We believe this update will enhance the way people listen to and enjoy their favorite songs, stories, or audio in their Singing Stuffed Animals. No, even a child can easily control the playback of hours of music – versus the parent removing the batteries because the child plays the same 15-second clip 20 times in a row! Parents are loving this new module!” said Friendly Songs CEO, Brian Klecker.

The new sound module with Four Play Modes is available from the Friendly Songs website. As inventory is sold out at retailers like Amazon it will be replaced with the new 4-mode version. Let Friendly Songs be your go-to for a personalized and enjoyable music experience.

Friendly Songs announced it has backward compatibility with the units sold with only one play mode. If you currently have a Friendly Songs Sound Module your module may be able to be upgraded to the new software. For more information, please visit the Friendly Songs website or contact their customer support team at Support@FriendlySongs.com.

“Friendly Songs” is a Registered Trademark of KMConsolidated. “Build a Bear” is a Registered Trademark of Build-A-Bear.

The Friendly Songs Sound Module is now available for purchase on the Friendly Songs website and through select retailers including Amazon and Walmart. For more information, please visit www.PersonalizedFriendlySongs.com/singing-stuffed-animals/ .

Brian Klecker
Friendly Songs – a division of KMConsolidated
+1 803-485-1544

Friendly Songs Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals – 2 Hours of Premium Sound – Deluxe Sound Module

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