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Futuristic Real-World Flying Car Racing Game Hosts Star-Studded Tournament

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A major tournament has taken centre stage, marking the grand unveiling of an exhilarating new video game featuring a real-world flying racing car series.

BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIA, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — This month, a major tournament has taken centre stage, marking the grand unveiling of an exhilarating new video game featuring Airspeeder, the real-world flying racing car series. This extraordinary game, named Celeros, is currently being crafted by the global gaming studio, Saltwater Games.

Celeros introduces us to the sleek Mk4 Airspeeders, flying vehicles that can reach speeds of up to 360kph. Players navigate these Airspeeders at blistering speeds through electronically regulated sky tracks, weaving seamlessly through real cities. They manoeuvre their flying cars through augmented reality gates, harnessing jet streams and ground force for a competitive edge. Picture the thrill of Star Wars’ pod-racing, but with genuine electric flying cars – it’s a reality that’s here and now!

Though Celeros is in its early developmental stages, it already boasts sophisticated and revolutionary flying car physics, dynamics, and maneuvers. Players need to expertly balance speed, precision, and strategy to master the simulation-style controls. The ambition is to capture the same heart-pounding excitement found in Formula 1 racing, but with the high-speed airborne machines replacing cars.

In an effort to enrich the lives of fans and its community, Celeros is proudly hosting the Aero Bay Genesis Tournament. This much-anticipated competition promises an eclectic mix of participants, from real-world Airspeeder pilots and esports champions to avid gamers and celebrated racing drivers, such as Bruno Senna. Bruno holds the distinction of being the first driver to clinch victory in every class of the FIA World Endurance Championship. Also joining is Jann Mardenborough, the youngest victor of the GT Academy competition and the shining star of the recently premiered Gran Turismo movie.

Each contender is granted a 48-hour practice window, followed by another 48 hours to record their best three lap times on the inaugural track, Aero Bay. Aligned with the company’s Play2Impact mission, the competitor with the fastest overall time will secure a $10,000 prize, directed towards a charity of their choosing. Additional proceeds will be donated to the International Justice Mission, SWG’s primary impact partner.

Astoundingly, the Aero Bay block-mesh prototype came into being in a mere three months of development, the result of an impressive collaboration between Saltwater and their esteemed AAA game partners. This pre-alpha build introduces distinctive gameplay mechanics, a system that will be fine-tuned through invaluable input from the premier racing drivers, esports contenders, and gamers throughout this intense competition.

Gearheads, sim racers, and gaming fans will appreciate Celeros’ fresh take on the racing game genre. The Aero Bay Genesis Tournament heralds what they envision as the forthcoming era of interactive, multiplayer flying car racing experiences.

Celeros is the exclusive platform for the revolutionary Airspeeder gaming series. This offers gamers the unique ability to channel their earned rewards into real-world projects for social and environmental impact. Also, in a manner reminiscent of GT Academy, this serves as a stepping stone towards transforming virtual aspirations and to start their journey to becoming a real-world Airspeeder pilot!

Come September 2023, Saltwater Games will extend community access to the block-mesh prototype.

About Saltwater Games:

Saltwater Games (SWG) is a global game studio and technology hub, deeply committed to delivering paramount and immersive experiences where the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds blur to create realms of competition, rewards, education, and positive change.

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9 competitors, 3 laps each, and 1 ultimate winner receiving a $10,000 donation to an impact cause they believe in.

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