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HALO Space successfully launches second set of test flights from California

HALO Space engineers prepare capsule prototype for upcoming test flight

A total of 4 flights will test the descent and landing system. The first flights were completed on 09/19, and the last 2 will be launched this Wednesday, 09/27.

This second round of test flights positions us as the most advanced near-space flight company in the world.”

— Carlos Mira, CEO HALO Space

MADRID, SPAIN, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — HALO Space, a global company in the space tourism sector, is conducting, with the necessary permits, its second round of test flights in the dry lake of Cuddeback (California), a common area for both civil and military experimental flights.

The objective of these flights is to test the descent and landing system with a paraglider-type steerable parachute. The program includes four flights in total, two of which were successfully completed last Tuesday, September 19th. HALO Space’s technical team, together with the other prestigious companies involved in the project, are analysing the results and making the final adjustments in preparation for the last two flights, which will be caried out next Wednesday, September 27th.

These tests are performed by lifting the capsule with a helicopter to an altitude of 2,000 meters. Upon release and deployment of the parachute, the capsule will descend at a speed of less than 5 meters per second with a glide ratio of 3.5 to 1, meaning that for every meter it descends vertically, it advances 3.5 meters horizontally. During the final approach, the capsule will glide down against the wind in a straight line until it lands, similarly to an airplane.

Carlos Mira, CEO of HALO Space, explains the relevance of this new milestone, assuring that “we are applying a rigorous engineering process in the development and integration of HALO’s systems and spacecraft, hand in hand with the best companies in the aerospace sector. Test flights are critical to validate each phase of development. The Cuddeback area meets excellent conditions to perform these test flights safely.” Mira adds that “this second battery of test flights positions us as the most advanced near-space flight company in the world.”

Alberto Castrillo, CTO of HALO, gives more details of the flights that will take place on Wednesday and explains that “following the success of the first tests, this week we will fly and land our prototype capsule with the paraglider-like steerable parachute. Our goal is not only to remotely control the descent of the capsule, but also land it precisely within an area equivalent to that of a soccer field.”

The Company conducted its first test flight in December 2022 in Hyderabad, India, where it successfully lifted its prototype capsule to 37 kilometres altitude with a stratospheric hydrogen-filled balloon.

HALO Space plans to begin operating commercial flights in 2025 and plans to make 400 trips a year from 2029, taking more than 3,000 passengers into the stratosphere in their zero-emissions balloon flights.

About HALO Space

Founded in 2021, HALO Space is a global space tourism company that will offer zero-emission commercial flights between 25 and 40 kilometres high, allowing passengers to observe the curvature of planet Earth and the vastness of space on a flight lasting up to 6 hours. This will be possible thanks to its aerospace balloon, equipped with a pressurized capsule with panel windows offering a 360° view and capacity for eight passengers, a pilot, and a flight attendant.

HALO Space is working closely with a consortium of leading aerospace companies such as CT Engineering Group, Aciturri, GMV and TIFR in the development of its spaceflight program and the prestigious London-based design studio Frank Stephenson Design (FSD) for the interior and exterior design of the cabin.

For more information visit HALO Space.

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