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IMERS.land lets Gamers Test Their crypto-trading ability in immersive VR Metaverse Game

ESTONIA, May 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The IMERS Crypto Trading Game is changing how people learn about the world of crypto investment and trading. In the IMERS metaverse part of the game traders have the chance to meet and plan game strategy and make alliances with other gamers in trading guilds. Then, players compete with each other by taking part in a wide range of trading competitions that offer the opportunity to win real cash prizes. “Think of it like paper trading on steroids,” stated IMERS founder Marcie Terman, “trading in the immersive hub brings the experience to a whole new level. And the best thing about the game is that there is nothing to lose,” continued Terman. “It’s free to join IMERS and free to play in unlimited competitions with the huge upside that the game prizes are real.”


The IMERS trading hub has been specifically designed by professional traders for traders, surrounding players with all the information needed to make informed decisions. Live market prices from dozens of exchanges and over a hundred coins are real-time streamed into the hub. Players can add the exchanges they use themselves to the exchange price wall to track worldwide token holdings while they compete in the IMERS trading games.

In addition to the usual kinds of information traders use, IMERS delivers an experience that returns traders the excitement of live pit trading on the world’s exchanges and bourses. In the same way pit traders used to make decisions by listening to the broker activity taking place around the trading pit, the hub’s sound sensorium converts live bids and offers into a virtual audio stream that brings understanding market behaviour to an entirely new level.

Trading competitions are run continually throughout the day, both short term trading (fifteen minutes) and long-term tournaments that last a month or more.

To mark the launch, the IMERS Trading Game is initiating the “IMERS Millionaire Challenge.”. This tournament will give out 1,500,000 IMERS tokens over the course of the event.

The IMERS Trading Game is accessible on all platforms providing a unique immersive experience in both the metaverse and the uniquely designed trading hub. IMERS can be found on Oculus Quest VR headset through sidequestvr.com, mobile, tablets and PC or Mac computer. The game also features an affiliate program that rewards players with tokens when they get their friends to join and play the game.

Joining the IMERS Trading Game is easy and free. Players go to app.imers.land/register to start an account.

About IMERS Crypto Trading Game:

IMERS Crypto Trading Game is a virtual reality game that simulates live market trading for cryptocurrencies and other world-wide markets. The game is based on live market prices and is designed to help gamers learn trading skills in a risk-free environment while also offering the chance to win cash prizes and make a return on their time spent in the metaverse part of the game.

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