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Jennifer Miree Cope Announces the Publication of a New Article Revealing Her Expert Late Summer Gardening Tips

Jennifer Miree Cope shares expert advice and information on how to care for landscapes and gardens in a newly published article.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Landscape professional Jennifer Miree Cope has some expert tips to help gardener’s across the country get their yards back into shape before the crisp fall weather starts to set in.

Even for those who enjoy gardening, finding the time to keep up with the endless needs of a lush landscape is difficult. When chores get neglected, weeds can overtake garden beds, plants can dry out, and the hard work of spring planting may go to waste as flowers die.

Cope wants readers to enjoy the natural beauty of their landscapes through every season. Her recent publication on the APG website, “How to Manage Your Landscape in the Late Summer,” reassures gardeners they can tame even the wildest yard if they follow a few simple steps.

The first is to remove weeds. Weeding is a chore that’s best done on the spot, but Cope encourages home gardeners to hand-pull weeds rather than mowing over them or using chemicals to kill them.

For many Americans, weed growth can be difficult to keep in check. That’s why Jennifer Miree Cope recommends every gardener should walk through their garden a few times per week and pulling weeds when they see them. This is just one tip among many that Cope offers her clients.

Mulching is another tool many gardeners use to get their landscapes in shape for fall. Cope suggests adding a fresh layer of mulch to garden beds. Mulch looks tidy, discourages weed growth, and helps the soil retain moisture. Water retention is especially important during the sweltering final days of summer.

According to Cope, frequent watering is the key to keeping landscape plants looking fresh at summer’s end. She suggests watering in the early morning or later in the evening after the heat of the day has abated.

Keeping to a morning watering schedule is ideal but may not always be possible. Avoid watering in the mid-afternoon, when warmer temperatures can cause water to evaporate before the soil can absorb it.

A lush green lawn is an important element of any landscape, but summertime mowing requires some adjustments. Cope advises gardeners to raise the height of their mower blades by a full inch for late-summer mowing. Grass that’s too short can dry out and brown in hot weather.

Cope encourages all gardeners to take a hands-on approach to landscape maintenance, no matter their level of experience. Taking care of summer landscaping chores now can help gardeners prepare their yard for those cool autumn nights to come.

About Jennifer Miree Cope
Jennifer Miree Cope earned a degree in electrical engineering from Vanderbilt University. Her successful Birmingham-based landscape design business has allowed her to share her talents with many in the Birmingham area.

Cope is all about giving back to her community. She’s a passionate supporter of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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