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Jewel Run, French Studio Cerbere Games’s Multiplayer Video Game For Mobiles And PC, Out On October 20

Jewel Run Library Art

Hermeline and her dog chasing a thief

Hermeline and her dog chasing a thief

A thief dropping jewels in their base

A thief dropping jewels in their base

This action-packed online action game, inspired by Nintendo Land, Among Us and Dead by Daylight, supports games of up to 10 players and is free-to-play.

Asymmetrical games like Dead by Daylight are my favorites, and we distilled the genre and mixed it with a cool mysterious vibe, and online cross platform multiplayer to get Jewel Run!”

— David Dehaene, Co-founder of Cerbere Games

PARIS, ILE DE FRANCE, FRANCE, October 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cerbere Games is proud to announce that Jewel Run, their free-to-play online multiplayer game of fun burglary, will be released October 20, 2023 on mobile phones, PC, Mac and Steam Deck. In Jewel Run, join the heist as two teams with distinct gameplay styles go head-to-head: Will the cunning thieves outsmart the magical orchard’s vigilant guards, or will the guardians protect their treasures?

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Two teams with two gameplays

Jewel Run is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in the vein of Nintendo Land or Dead by Daylight. The thieves’ goal is to get through the garden’s maze, shake the trees to get their jewels, and carry this loot safely to their base. However, carrying a lot will slow the player down. On the other team, the Crosbys may be outnumbered and slow, but they can tactically deploy their clumsy dogs to corner the thieves, before taking them out with a precise tackle. The Crosbys need to tackle a few thieves to win.

Customization and map variety

Players can express their own playstyle with or against their friends: they can go straight into the action, dodging enemy attacks, or lure the dogs away from their team, or even take as many jewels at once as they can. They gradually unlock outfits to customize their character, as well as map features that change the gameplay: alarms that will reveal their location to the other team, trick walls that will block their pursuers, bushes to hide into, teleporters… Each session guarantees fresh challenges and intense action.

A Unique Visual Appeal

Inspired by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton, the visuals of Jewel Run combine a dark and twisted atmosphere with vibrant and colorful visuals. Players will experience a world unlike any other, filled with strange and intriguing characters and locations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

– Action-packed multiplayer party game

– Up to 10 players online on PC, Mac, Steam Deck and mobile

– Asymmetrical gameplay inspired by Nintendo Land or Dead by Daylight

– Two completely different playstyles and experiences depending on the team

– One versus many, players build strategies with their team or crush the other team by themselves

– Customizable characters and procedurally generated levels

– Unique atmosphere with dark environments, vibrant colors and fun animations

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Official Release Trailer

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