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Marcella Rodarte Achieves Milestone Debut at #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller’s List with “The Hand of Fate”

Author Marcella Stepp Rodarte

Red book cover with fiery graphics.

Book cover image of “The Hand of Fate” by Marcella Stepp Rodarte

A Story of Bravery, Destiny, and the Extraordinary Potential that Lies Within.

BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marcella Rodarte’s inaugural book, “The Hand of Fate,” has reached number one on the coveted Amazon Bestseller’s List. This accomplishment marks a milestone in Rodarte’s career as the first successful book in a trilogy created by the educator-turned-writer. The book’s success is a testament to the mounting popularity of Rodarte’s work. “The Hand of Fate” is book one in the trilogy, followed by “The Hand of Ice,” and “The Hand of Fire.” The protagonist, Mira, is a young woman with a mysterious past and an unassuming presence that belies her extraordinary power. Placed in foster care, she emerges as a resolute guardian of the children she cares for, revealing a fierce determination to protect those in need. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday and the crossroads of her life, Mira’s world takes an unexpected turn when she overhears a chilling conversation about a sinister plot. Unraveling the truth about herself becomes a race against time, as she discovers her pivotal role in not only the human realm but also two other hidden nations.

Author Rodarte says, “I feel the theme is love and connection that is bigger than childhood trauma, bigger than grief and loss, bigger than what is going on in the world around us. We are not powerless; we can choose to be limitless.” Readers are captivated by Rodarte’s storytelling and compelling characters. “Ignited by the power of trusting your gut and finding your chosen family, ‘The Hand of Fate’ is an impassioned take on what it is to grow into what you are meant to be,” says Tiff Reagan, author of teen self-esteem workbook, “Be Happy, Babe!”

Rodarte has expressed gratitude for her readership and the impact she hopes to make on their hearts and minds as the book touches on the trials and tribulations of foster children. Readers and reviewers alike love the realism the story presents for what life is like for foster kids. Rodarte hopes that the story will inspire others to give back to their communities’ foster children. She says, “It is a small ask to volunteer in the community and schools to show these kids that someone cares, and I can tell you that from my experience anyone who makes these connections with foster kids and LGBTQ+ youth, you will find yourself receiving more than you are giving. It is transformative and it is an act of love.”

Marcella Rodarte has worked as a middle school educator for over twenty years, having achieved the honor of being named “Educator of the Year” twice. Her passion for writing has fueled her energy and compassion for leading her students by “loving them into learning” throughout the years. Leading with love is how she hopes to also nurture her readers through her work in “The Hand of Fate,” as the tale inspires readers to explore their own connection to the world around them and discover their potential for courage.

“The Hand of Fate” is now available in eBook and print versions at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can learn more about Marcella’s work by visiting www.marcellastepprodarte.com

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