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New Children’s Book “Dera & Deon’s Good Scaring Monster” Teaches Kids to Overcome Fear

Dera & Deon’s Good Scaring Monster.

Dera, Deon and their mother.

Dera, Deon and their mother.

Dera and Deon

Dera and Deon

Dera & Deon are twins. They thought they saw a monster the night before their first day of kindergarten. They soon learned that it could be a good monster.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Dera & Deon’s Good Scaring Monster” is a new children’s book that tells the story of Dera and Deon, twin siblings who are afraid of monsters. They thought they saw a monster under their bed the night before their first day of kindergarten. But they soon learned that the monster is actually a good scary monster of their imagination. They learned from their mother that she had an imaginary monster of her own. A monster named Caca Moohoo. Caca Moohoo is a well-known imaginary bogeyman in some West African countries. She told them that sometimes before a big day, people, big or small, can be scared and anxious.

The book was written by Ms. Djedje, an experienced nanny and author of three children’s books. It teaches children to overcome their fears and use their imagination. “I created this story because many of the children I took care of were always anxious before a big day. Whether it was their first day of school or their first day at the dentist. I wanted to create a story that would help them understand that sometimes things that seem scary can actually be harmless and fun. I also want to share my African culture with people young and old. I want them to discover the wonders of African culture,” says Ms. Djedje.

Derahonon A. Djedje, the author, has been a childcare provider for more than 20 years. This experience has given her a unique perspective on child development that she brings to her work as an author, children’s entertainer and entrepreneur. Her children’s books are designed to teach children about healthy eating habits, cooperation and self-confidence. Ms. Djedje’s two other books are: “We Are Vegetables, Who Wants to Eat Us?” and “The Magical Face of Santa.”

“Dera & Deon’s Good Scaring Monster” and the other books by Derahonon A. Djedje, are now available on Amazon.

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