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PEOZ Smart Guitar Surpasses 100% Funding on Kickstarter in Just 10 Hours

AugustLab Corp., Favored by Many for Their All-in-One Smart Guitar, Launches PEOZ Globally on Kickstarter. Achieved Over 100% Funding within 10 Hours!

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — AugustLab Corp., has launched ‘PEOZ,’ a smart guitar that incorporates cutting-edge technology and integrates all essential functions for playing, practicing, and sharing the users’ guitar experience, through Kickstarter. PEOZ is equipped with various features that lower the barrier to starting one’s guitar journey. It stands out distinctly from conventional guitars on the market by removing complicated sound effects modification and external devices, recording difficulties, and lack of practice content.

PEOZ maintains a classic design but includes a built-in speaker, audio interface, and batteries, knob-saved effects for quick use, and wireless charging. It is paired with a mobile application that provides guitar backing track generation, high-quality sound recording, YouTube video import functionality, tutorial videos, and guitar tuning function, all within a user-friendly interface.

Featuring 26 sound effects with 7 different effect chain pools, users can craft their unique sounds using a variety of tools, including modulation and delay. Using AI technology, the mobile application analyzes sound sources of well-known brands’ amplifier sounds and matches the amplifier effect chain to output their distinctive sounds.

The PEOZ smart guitar surpasses traditional guitars in various aspects, delivered through the comprehensive PEOZ mobile application. With the backing track generator, users can practice songs from YouTube with the original guitar sound removed. It has 100+ songs across diverse genres for users to perform and step-by-step lecture videos for those still learning guitar.

For those who want to showcase their skills, rather than going through the hassle of setting up external microphones or DSLR cameras, PEOZ can be connected to a smartphone, wired or wirelessly, to record high-quality sound from the smart guitar while simultaneously capturing video.

CEO Tony Kim, along with the dedicated team at AugustLab, has spent the past three years meticulously developing the PEOZ smart guitar. Reflecting on this journey, Kim shares, “Developing this product over the past three years has been an incredible journey for us. We are constantly researching to ensure that people encountering electric guitars for the first time view them not as difficult instruments, but as captivating ones.”

AugustLab showcased the PEOZ smart guitar at CES 2024, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from potential customers and industry enthusiasts alike. This innovative approach underscores AugustLab’s commitment to delivering outstanding musical experiences and solidifying its position as a leader in the tech-driven music industry.

For a limited 30 days on Kickstarter, the PEOZ smart guitar will be available for pre-order at 30% off the retail price. It has already exceeded $30,000 just 7 days after launching. To learn more about PEOZ, visit its Kickstarter page HERE. For direct inquiries, contact the AugustLab team at tony@augustlab8.com.

About AugustLab
AugustLab Corp., launched in 2022 as a start-up, is one of the spin-offs from C-Lab, an idea incubation program operated by Samsung Electronics. The development and rollout of the integrated solution of the smart guitar and its online platform, thanks to the applied AI technology, have garnered great attention from the public.

Tony Kim
AugustLab Corp.,
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PEOZ Smart Guitar Surpasses 100% Funding on Kickstarter in Just 10 Hours

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