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Positive Reviews for Linda Gallagher’s “The Distant Lighthouse”

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Psychology Today states that lighthouses represent one’s level of awareness about himself and his surroundings. The beaming lights on them are viewed as symbols of hope and security—to protect only their lives but of those around them. Thus, it is safe to believe that lighthouses have a clear purpose in the world. However, in Linda Gallagher’s praiseworthy published book, The Distant Lighthouse, the lighthouse is personified as something that also feels despair and can forget its purpose.

The Distant Lighthouse is a PageTurner Press and Media published book that tells the story of a distant, isolated lighthouse guiding ships through a perilous path. With less than fifty pages, Gallagher invites her readers to enjoy the rich imagery of the book and remember the inspirational messages within its pages. The story is told in the perspective of the lighthouse and is seen as an illustrated parable.

Through the story of the lighthouse, Gallagher invites readers to also follow the three guidelines that were given to the lighthouse. She inspires readers to regain their light and shine even brighter. This subject has resonated with many readers and has progressed in BlueInk Review’s starred review of the book. In the professional book review, it states, “This is a quick read, but a profound one that can be mined for layers of meaning over and over.” The reviewer continues to commend Gallagher, writing “Linda Gallagher expresses deep psychological and spiritual concepts that humans have struggled with for millennia, such as suffering, surrendering, and ‘a tangible awakening’ to an Omnipresent goodness of love and care.” The book is also rated with five-star reviews on Amazon. One verified reader remarked, “It is a beautiful truth reminder for anyone who wants to live free from the bondage of self!!” These reviews conclude the insightful, spiritual, and helpful contents of the book.

Linda Gallagher established A Center of Freedom, an oasis of living truth. It is a nonprofit, nondenominational community that provides a spiritual and music ministry for seekers of truth. She is the spiritual director of the center in Matinez, California, and continues to be an inspirational singer, teacher, addictions counselor, and author. Her book, The Distant Lighthouse, is available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats at www.pageturner.us. It will also be made available in several more languages soon.

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