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Positively Impacting Lives with Spiritual Awakening Programmes

AUSTRALIA, June 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Kati Ackerman has been helping hundreds of people transform their lives through her newly created programmes, “Divine Awakening” and “Divine Ascension.”

After going through a spiritual awakening of her own, she wanted to find a way to share this gift with others in order to help them heal and understand themselves better. She realised that the world was in dire need of light workers now more than ever before, due to the recent collective conscious awakenings that have taken place across the globe. And so, Kati created two new programmes – Divine Awakening and Divine Ascension – which are designed specifically to help people navigate their spiritual journeys in order to heal, transform and manifest their true desires.

The Divine Awakening program begins by helping students gain an awareness of themselves, followed by an impulse to change or let go of something that no longer serves them. As they progress through the programme, they will begin to feel a strong sense of connection and inner peace as well as discover how powerful it is to truly love oneself. Students also receive guidance on how to forgive those who have hurt them, becoming empowered individuals with a clear understanding of their authentic selves.

Kati Ackerman’s Divine Awakening and Divine Ascension programmes are already transforming lives, as her students experience increased self-love, mindfulness, compassion, and connection. With the world in a period of spiritual transition, these programmes offer invaluable guidance for those seeking a greater understanding of themselves and the universe.

To find out more about Kati Ackerman’s programmes visit www.katisdivinehealing.com or follow @katisdivinehealing on Instagram.

Kati’s Divine Healing
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