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Showcasing the Historical and Artistic Grandeur of Karl Goetz Medals

Tangible Assets LLC

Tangible Assets LLC highlights Karl Goetz medals’ historical art on Boom America, led by president and dedicated collector Dale Krueger.

Loved being on Boom America! I was able to mingle with successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and networkers…and work collaboratively with all of them”

— Dale Krueger, President of Tangible Assets LLC

MIDLAND, MI, US, September 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Tangible Assets LLC, a company specializing in the collection and appreciation of Karl Goetz medals, is thrilled to announce its upcoming feature on the renowned Boom America TV show. Boom America is a recognized platform that spotlights pioneering companies and their impactful offerings. The inclusion of Tangible Assets LLC on the show signifies the company’s dedication to promoting the rich historical and artistic value of Karl Goetz medals.

Dale Krueger, President of Tangible Assets LLC, became a passionate Coin Collector in the late ’60s. As a child, he cultivated an interest by collecting coins, eventually transitioning to high-grade slabbed coins in the 1980s. Dale’s passion for Barber Quarters led him to a remarkable milestone: a complete set of MS Barber Quarters, which he auctioned off through Heritage in 2000. However, his introduction to Karl Goetz medals and “The Medals of Karl Goetz” by Gunther Kienast marked the turning point of his collecting journey. These medals, with their satirical, historical, and beautifully crafted designs, captured Dale’s attention. He made it his mission to gather, understand, and treasure these artistic embodiments of history.

Tangible Assets LLC showcases numerous subsets of Karl Goetz medals, offering a diverse range for every collector. From satirical medals to tokens commemorating family events such as baptisms, weddings, and graduations, there’s truly something for everyone. Remarkably, Dale has amassed one of the most extensive collections with over 1500 medals, with themes covering various subsets like World War One and historical motifs to more esoteric niches like skull and skeleton related medals.

Reflecting on his experience, Dale Krueger, President of Tangible Assets LLC, shared, “Loved being on Boom America! I was able to mingle with successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and networkers…and work collaboratively with all of them.”

Karl Goetz medals offer an exciting avenue for diversification, standing apart from traditional investments like crypto, gold, and stocks. They represent an intersection of art, history, politics, tangible assets, and collectability. As the interest in alternative assets grows, Goetz Medals present both a valuable investment and a journey of discovery, filled with enjoyment and historical exploration.

About Tangible Assets LLC-

Tangible Assets LLC specializes in curating and celebrating Karl Goetz medals, reflecting the intersection of art, history, and tangible investments. With a remarkable collection of over 1500 medals amassed by President Dale Krueger, the company offers a diverse range of satirical, historical, and intricately designed pieces. Karl Goetz medals provide a unique opportunity for collectors and investors to engage with captivating artifacts that bridge the realms of art and valuable assets.

About Boom America-

Boom America is a life-changing show hosted by none other than the legendary Kevin Harrington, a pioneer of the infomercial industry and an original star of the hit TV series Shark Tank. Kevin leads a powerhouse team of business experts on a mission to take various innovative companies to new heights. The real work begins as the chosen companies embark on a journey of explosive growth, guided every step of the way by the seasoned professionals of Kevin’s team. Get ready for a game-changing ride in 2023!

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