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Unispend Launches to Revolutionize Crypto Spending Globally

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Unispend protocol launches. Unispend is a game-changing crypto-to-commerce protocol that enables seamless spending of digital assets on everyday items.

DUBAI, UAE, May 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Unispend a leading web3 infrastructure company, today announced the public launch of its groundbreaking crypto-to-commerce protocol, Unispend Protocol. This innovative platform allows users to easily spend their digital assets on everyday items directly from their non-custodial wallets and enables Developers, Wallets, and Crypto networks to natively integrate spending and unlock utility for users.

Uchi Uchibeke, Founder and CEO of Unispend, expressed the company’s excitement, stating, “We’re excited to unlock utility for all tokens, chains, and networks to make crypto truly spendable.”

Unispend currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Celo, and the XRP Ledger. Users can connect their wallets to Unispend and pay for over 500 million products on Amazon or Shopify, 1,000+ gift cards, airtime in 8 countries, and mobile money in 9 countries. To celebrate the launch, Unispend is offering a 5% rebate in USDC on purchases made with any supported token this week only.

Designed to preserve self-sovereignty, Unispend eliminates the need for third-party access to users’ assets. Each transaction is signed and approved individually, maintaining the highest level of security. The platform’s one-stop shopping experience eliminates the need for users to send crypto to exchanges, convert to fiat, and transfer to bank accounts, streamlining the spending process.

Unispend’s ecosystem-first approach allows users to spend tokens on a supported chain, enabling them to use their block rewards, DeFi earnings, and yield farming gains. With a wide selection of localized products and services available, Unispend is currently available in 21 countries and offers 500 million+ products from Amazon and Shopify and 1,000+ global gift cards.

The company’s future plans include expanding to more Blockchain networks, adding more product categories, and increasing geographic coverage. As part of this expansion, Unispend will soon support an offramp to Indian UPI numbers, WeChat, and other Mobile Wallets and integrate with more Chains like Solana and Flow.

Speaking from Toronto, Canada, Uchi Uchibeke adds that “We’re committed to unlocking economic opportunities for everyone by enabling any token to be spendable on locally-relevant options including offline payment systems like Mobile Money in Africa. The public launch of Unispend is a step in our journey to accelerate financial inclusion for all.”

For more information about Unispend and how it’s revolutionizing the way that Digital Assets are spent, visit unispend.com, or launch the app at unispend.com/?cSContext=evm.

About Unispend:

Unispend is a fintech infrastructure company focused on creating products that allow easy transfer of value from anywhere to everywhere, and from anything to everything. Founded by Uchi Uchibeke, Unispend is dedicated to transforming how digital assets are used and spent globally.

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