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Worldwide Mega Update: The Apple Watch app “Little Pet Raising

Little Pet Raising – ALife: Super major update!! Adding new elements all at once.

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eve-Sense Inc. (Headquarters: Sumida, Tokyo; CEO: Kosuke Shimizu, hereinafter “we”) is pleased to announce a mega update incorporating multiple new features for “ALife.”

The Apple Watch exclusive game “Little Pet Raising – ALife” has announced version 2.0.0 in its second phase! This version incorporates multiple new features into the existing pet raising game, marking a fresh start. In addition to adding pets as raising characters and princesses with support effects, new elements such as shop, gachas, strengthening system, and growth system have been introduced, which were not present before.

Title: Little Pet Raising – ALife ~Little Treasures of Princesses~

Genre: Classic Pet Raising Game

Price: Free to install (with in-app purchases)

Supported Platform: iPhone and Apple Watch Required

Apple Store Link: https://alife.onelink.me/0wxt/pr020

ALife Official Website: https://contents.eve-sense.com/alife/

Within the compact device of the Apple Watch, the popular app “Little Pet Raising – ALife” has undergone a significant transformation! A slew of new features has been added, including new gachas such as Dinosaur Gacha and Premium Gacha, strengthening system, growth system, and a new shop, making this a comprehensive mega update. Please take this opportunity to try it out. Below, we will inform you about the contents of the update.

■ New Shop Added! (Choose any pet and wallpaper you want for 3 hours!)

The long-awaited new shop has arrived in “ALife”! The shop offers a variety of pets and wallpapers for purchase. With products changing every 3 hours, there’s always something new to explore. Combining favorite pets and wallpapers creates a unique world.

■ Pet Growth System Added! (Growth speed varies with the efficacy of the food)

Responding to user requests, a new pet growth system has been introduced! It is now possible to grow your pet by feeding it three types of food simultaneously, with a system that allows for growth in seven stages, both small and large.

■ Princess Strengthening System! (Strengthen support effects by leveling up!)

In “ALife,” the support effects of princesses are a very important element. For instance, it may become easier to level up or less likely to fall ill. This will surely be of great help in breeding and adventuring.

■ Significant Additions to Various Gachas!

Pet Gacha: Increased by an additional 61 for a total of 237 (176+61=237 total).

Princess Gacha: Increased by an additional 60 for a total of 120 (30+60=120 total).

Wallpaper Gacha: Increased by an additional 200 for a total of 300 (100+200=300 total).

Dinosaur Gacha: NEW (total of 134).

Premium Gacha: NEW (total of 9) with a super high chance!

■ New Gacha Released! Dinosaur Gacha (Total of 134)

A princess found a mysterious glowing egg while on a walk. Driven by curiosity, she took it back to the castle and continued to warm it carefully. A few days later, the egg cracked open, and a small dinosaur emerged.

■ Premium Gacha Added!

The Premium Gacha becomes available once certain conditions are met! Not only does it feature legendary creatures, but the probability of getting them is significantly increased. So, when the gacha appears, make sure to check it out!

■ Other Updates

The design of the health and experience bars has been revised and adjusted to be cuter!

A revival feature has been added for when your precious pet dies!

A notification feature has been added for when new items are available in the new shop and others!

Additional designs and sound effects have been added!

Bug fixes and page transition speed improvements!

Adjustments have been made to make the expressions for pet sending/receiving and preparation easier to see!

Enhanced fast download and capacity changes!

Currently, “Little Pet Raising – ALife” has completed its update to version 2.0.0. However, we are now embarking on the development of an even more evolved version 3.0.0. We will continue to strive to make ALife more enjoyable and ensure that all users spend meaningful time with it. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

■ Title Information

Title Name: Little Pet Raising – ALife ~Little Treasures of Princesses~

Genre: Classic Pet Raising Game

Price: Free to install (with in-app purchases)

Supported Platform: iPhone and Apple Watch Required

Developer and Operator: Eve-Sense Inc.

Copyright: ©Eve-Sense Inc.

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