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A Ten-Part Documentary Series that Will Change How We Think of The Oceans

“Dispatches From The Outlaw Ocean” is a new 10-part documentary series produced by The Outlaw Ocean Project

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Based on more than 8 years of reporting, much of it at sea, a new 10-part documentary series, “Dispatches From The Outlaw Ocean” launched this week. The series covers a wild and ominous array of environmental and human rights concerns across the world’s watery two-thirds.

Each episode is roughly 10 minutes long and the series chronicles a gritty cast of characters including traffickers and smugglers, pirates and mercenaries, shackled slaves and vigilante conservationists.

The producers of the documentary series are: Shannon O’Leary Joy from EarthSense Foundation, Shari Sant Plummer from Code Blue Foundation, Jim Angell from The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, Jane Kachmer, a Project Fundraiser, Ian Urbina and Raphaela Morais from The Outlaw Ocean Project. The series was edited by Sarah Macdonald, Patricia de Mesquita, and Leo Gizzi from Make Waves Media.

The reporting was produced by The Outlaw Ocean Project, a non-profit journalism organization led by Ian Urbina that focuses on crimes that occur on the high seas around the world. Marcella Boehler, the Global Publishing Editor, orchestrated a non-traditional method of global distribution of the reporting that involved international collaboration by several dozen news outlets from over 30 countries that are featuring the episodes on their social media platforms and websites. These news outlets received the series for free and the content was translated into ten languages.

To garner broader and more diverse viewership, the episodes are also being amplified on social media platforms by a dozen or so prominent actors, musicians, NGOs and public figures who support the work done by The Outlaw Ocean Project, such as Ben Dalhauss, Adam Met and Mark Ruffalo.

The first episode was published on April 17, 2023 and the subsequent episodes will be released every Monday for nine weeks thereafter.

About The Outlaw Ocean Project:

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization founded by Ian Urbina that produces investigative stories about environmental and human rights concerns at sea globally. The project seeks to not only produce polished, narrative investigative journalism, but also to amplify that reportage by converting it into other mediums to reach new audiences all over the world.

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New Documentary Series “Dispatches From The Outlaw Ocean”

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