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App uses Apple Watch to enhance safety, health, and independence of those living with disabilities

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BoundaryCare Apple Watch and Dashboards

BoundaryCare Apple Watch and Dashboards

Caregiver Dashboard for Checking the Status of your Loved One

Caregiver Dashboard for Checking the Status of your Loved One

Assistive technology helps with falls, elopement, seizure detection, and more

Caregivers are constantly concerned about wandering and falls. BoundaryCare provides peace of mind by sharing clear and actionable data with caregivers.”

— Scott Carpenter, BoundaryCare co-founder.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, October 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — BoundaryCare is a remote monitoring system that supports those living with disabilities by sharing crucial safety, health, and wellness information with caregivers. It’s an app-based service for the Apple Watch that silently gathers and shares information about:
• Falls (sending alerts and even noting the location of the fall).
• Elopement (with geo-fenced safe zones).
• Seizure-like symptoms (tracking seizure-related metrics, such as heart rate, A-fib, oxygen saturation, and more).

BoundaryCare promotes independence by offering medication reminders, direct phone calling to and from the watch, and charging prompts.

Family and professional caregivers benefit from many BoundaryCare features, including:
• Dashboards for iPhone and Android.
• Robust alert system, allowing users to determine who receives which alerts when.
• Unlimited number of caregivers for each supported individual.
• One-click download of complete health metrics for sharing with healthcare professionals.

The highly customizable service allows for a person-centered approach that supports individuals with autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, physical disabilities, and behavioral challenges.

BoundaryCare’s kits, including a pre-configured Apple Watch, are available from BoundaryCare’s website, but also through disability service providers across the country. Kits comply with Medicaid restrictions. In many states they can be covered by waivers as assistive technology. An app-only version is available through the Apple App Store.

Charity’s story: Charity’s 13-year-old twin sons have severe autism and are very limited verbally. They developed life-threatening seizures in which their breathing would become unregulated and their oxygen would dip to 60 percent. These seizures were silent and there was no convulsing, so common seizure equipment couldn’t detect her children seizing. Charity almost lost one son because he had been seizing in his sleep for hours and they didn’t know. This forced Charity to wake every couple of hours each night to check on her children.

“BoundaryCare has given us peace-of-mind. The technology can detect the dip in oxygen and the spike in heart rate. We can choose an alert sound of our liking to make sure it will wake us up at night, and the alerts can also be sent to our own personal devices. We sleep better at night knowing that we finally have a tool that can accommodate our children’s needs,” said Charity.

Twin Cities-based father/son duo Scott and Paul Carpenter are the creators of BoundaryCare. Scott, a professor at Carleton College since 1990, also ran a tech company from 1999 to 2010. Paul is a software engineer specializing in mobile platforms with experience working with innovative companies like Streeteasy, Pare-Up and Zillow. After learning firsthand about the trials of caregiving, they founded BoundaryCare.

“Caregivers are constantly concerned about wandering and falls, and existing solutions were poorly designed and primitive. BoundaryCare changes that, providing peace of mind by sharing clear and actionable data with caregivers,” said Scott Carpenter, BoundaryCare co-founder.

For more information about keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, visit: https://www.boundarycare.com


BoundaryCare enhances the safety and independence of those with disabilities through discreet monitoring and support. Harnessing the strengths of the Apple Watch, BoundaryCare shares vital information with caregivers to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and keep them independent. https://www.boundarycare.com

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