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Author and Speaker Matthew Cossolotto Calls on Cleveland and Other Jurisdictions to Declare May 4th Make a Promise Day

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Make a Promise Day is the only unofficial "holiday" that is dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement, and integrity enhancement. Tagline: May the Fourth Be With You!

Make a Promise Day is the only unofficial “holiday” that is dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement, and integrity enhancement. Tagline: May the Fourth Be With You!

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Cossolotto seeks to establish May 4th as the world’s only annual “holiday” dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement, and integrity enhancement

When Matthew first told me about the promise he made to his mother… I was hooked. There was something very attractive, almost magnetic, about this concept. With a promise your heart is fully engaged.”

— Jack Canfield from his foreword to Cossolotto’s Embrace Your Promise Power

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Matthew Cossolotto, an author and speaker based in the greater Cleveland area, today urged Cleveland and other local, state and national jurisdictions in the United States and around the world to establish May 4th as “Make a Promise Day.”

This initiative is part of Cossolotto’s campaign to establish May 4th as the world’s only unofficial “holiday” dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement and integrity enhancement.

Cossolotto’s career spans the corridors of power and influence on both sides of the Atlantic – as a former speechwriter for top leaders at NATO headquarters in Brussels, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Chancellor of UCLA, senior executives of several Fortune 100 corporations, and as a legislative aide to former Congressman Leon Panetta. His books and related coaching and speaking programs feature a unique combination of three power tools: Habits, Speaking and Promises. He calls this the Triad Empowerment System, based on his trilogy of books.

The Joy of Public Speaking is the first book in Cossolotto’s personal empowerment trilogy. Two additional books are coming soon: Harness Your HabitForce – which highlights the seven habits of FAILURE and SUCCESS – and Embrace Your Promise Power – featuring an extensive foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

Examples of Promise Power in Action: Turn Important Goals into Heartfelt Promises

Cossolotto explains: “Promise Power is the innate power we all possess. It’s something almost instinctive in the human experience that values promise-keeping and decries promise-breaking. Author and political philosopher Hannah Arendt observed that “Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future. And yet self-help authors and success coaches have largely neglected this potent force for personal empowerment. Embrace Your Promise Power and Make a Promise Day bring it to the fore by extolling an old-fashioned virtue: We must take responsibility for our lives, and this begins with doing what we promise to do.”

Cossolotto Made a Promise to His Mother on Her Deathbed

Cossolotto knows about the power of making a promise from personal experience. As he describes in a recent Bold Journey interview, he made a promise to his mother on her deathbed that he would finish writing a book she had been encouraging him to write and dedicate it to her memory. By making and keeping that heartfelt promise, Cossolotto embarked on an unexpected path: becoming a personal empowerment author and speaker whose mission is to help millions of people around the world achieve their dreams, keep their promises and reach their peak potential… on and off the podium.

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Promise to Her Husband

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin’s recently published book, An Unfinished Love Story: A Personal History of the 1960s, is the result of a promise she made to her husband, Richard Goodwin. Before his death in 2018, Doris Goodwin promised her husband that she would finish writing the book they had embarked upon together.

Doris Goodwin explains: “This book began with the 300 boxes my husband, Dick Goodwin, had saved from his time in public service when he worked with John Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson in the White House, and with Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy. We began spending our weekends exploring the boxes, reliving the sixties through a veritable time capsule of the major events and the major figures of the era.”

Doris Goodwin now says this intensely personal book means more to her than anything she has ever written.

A Model “Make a Promise Day” Proclamation

Cossolotto explains that there are no costs involved in adopting a MAPD Proclamation. But there are many benefits that will accrue to any local, state or national jurisdiction that encourages citizens to embrace their promise power. Cossolotto is asking supporters of this initiative to urge appropriate authorities in their town, city, county, state (or province) and country to adopt a “Make A Promise Day” Proclamation similar to the following:


Whereas, Make a Promise Day is the only unofficial “holiday” dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement and integrity enhancement;

Whereas, Make A Promise Day encourages individuals to turn important goals into heartfelt promises thereby increasing the probability of reaching those goals;

Whereas, celebrating Make A Promise Day will have the effect of enhancing accountability, personal responsibility and integrity;

Whereas, the (INSERT JURISDICTION/OFFICE) recognizes the value of highlighting the power of making and keeping promises on the part of all members of society, including students, teachers, community organizations, businesses and political leaders;

Now therefore be it resolved, that the (INSERT JURISDICTION/OFFICE) hereby designates and proclaims May 4th of (INSERT YEAR) and each year thereafter to be “Make A Promise Day” and encourages organizations and individual members of the community to celebrate “Make A Promise Day” in a manner they deem to be suitable and appropriate.”

Make a Promise Day: May the Fourth Be with You!

Cossolotto selected May 4th for “Make A Promise Day” because of an epiphany he had some years ago. As he describes it: “When you say those two magic words – I promise – you generate an unstoppable force that propels you in the direction of your goals and dreams. With that in mind, it suddenly hit me one night that Make A Promise Day had to be on May 4th because then we could say the following sentence and it would make sense: May the Fourth be with you!

Cossolotto admits it’s a silly pun on the famous blessing from the “Star Wars” movies (“May the Force be with you!”). And yes, because of this association with that movie franchise some people already think of May 4th as Star Wars Day. But Cossolotto didn’t know about Star Wars Day when he settled on May 4th. Besides, there’s no reason “Star Wars” fans and advocates of MAPD can’t share the same date.

As Cossolotto deadpans: “Doing so will not cause a disturbance in the Force.”

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