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Balfour Capital Group Announces the Addition of Two Distinguished Members to Their Team: Miguel Núñez and Janus Lim

Global growth requires a shared vision, collective action, and unwavering determination to overcome boundaries and embrace diversity.”

— Steve Alain Lawrence

LUXEMBOURG, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Balfour Capital Group is delighted to announce the addition of two highly accomplished professionals to its team: Mr. Miguel Núñez, Senior Account Executive for Mexico, and Mr. Janus Lim, Global Strategist for Asia & Mainland China.

Janus Lim, a distinguished finance specialist, brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse background in finance. Throughout his illustrious career, Janus has made significant contributions, including the creation of Nexus8. Janus began his career at Abn Amro and Standard Chartered Bank, where he demonstrated exceptional financial acumen. He excelled as a Business Development Manager at Avantgarde Minds, creating valuable relationships with C-level executives. At Finaqe Group, Janus founded a leading credit advisory firm, effectively connecting businesses with funding. With a potent entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Singapore Business Excellence (SBE) and most recently Nexus8, a Singapore-based platform that connects global businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs. Mr. Lim’s proven ability to connect companies with capital and his vision for Nexus8 makes him an invaluable addition to the Balfour team.

In our Mexican division, we are excited to welcome Miguel Núñez, a seasoned professional with a rich background in financial administration. Miguel holds a degree in Financial Administration from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico City, and has honed his communication skills with English language studies at the Mexican North American Cultural Relations Institute. Additionally, Miguel is certified by the Mexican Association of Stock Brokers as a Floor Operator and a Securities Promoter. He also holds a diploma in Stock Market Analysis from the same association in collaboration with La Salle University. His professional trajectory spans across several prominent organizations, such as Aseguradora Mexicana, S.A, Scotiabank Inverlat, and EXITUS CREDIT. Miguel’s comprehensive financial knowledge and practical experience make him a significant asset to our team.

“We are extremely pleased to have these two highly accomplished individuals join our team,” said Steve Lawrence, CEO of Balfour Capital Group. “The expertise and experiences they bring with them will undoubtedly add immense value to our team and our clients. Their ability to drive growth and break barriers aligns perfectly with our vision at Balfour Capital Group.”

The Balfour Capital Group looks forward to the contributions Janus Lim and Miguel Núñez will bring to the team and their respective markets.

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