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Bob Batwin: A Visionary Artist Illuminating The Metaverse In Cooperation with Destiny A.I.

One of Bob Batwins captivating pieces which will display in our metaverse.

Bob Batwin and Destiny A.I. are bringing amazing conventional art into the world of digital entertainment.

LVIV, LVIVSKA OBLAST, UKRAINE, September 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Destiny A.I. is thrilled to announce our newly established partnership with the American artist, Bob Batwin, who currently calls Australia his home. With an impressive artistic journey spanning over six decades, Bob Batwin is a true luminary in the world of art. However, his talents extend beyond the art canvas to the martial art canvas, as he also holds the esteemed title of 5th Dan Shotokan Karate black belt, a recognition earned directly under the tutelage of none other than Joe Lewis, the legendary martial artist and movie star who shared the screen with the iconic Bruce Lee.

Bob’s work graced the cover of the 1980s music album “Journey To The Vast Unknown” by Pythagoras, showcasing the profound impact of his creativity in the realm of music and visual art. Moreover, his captivating creations have been prominently featured in numerous galleries, captivating audiences in both The Netherlands and Australia.

In an exclusive development, Bob Batwin has granted Destiny A.I. the unique right to showcase his mesmerizing artwork within the enchanting confines of their upcoming VR-enabled virtual space. This collaboration promises to immerse our patrons in the world of Imaginary Fantasy, a style in which Bob Batwin specializes. His visionary artistry promises to elevate our metaverse experience to new heights, inviting all who enter to journey through the intricacies of his extraordinary imagination.

“Most kids do art instinctively. So did I and I never stopped, just kept doing it ever since I’ve been a little kid. Grew into it and it just became a part of me.” says Bob Batwin.

Damir Kamenica, the CEO of Destiny A.I. says “I have been following Bob’s art for a number of years and even have a favorite piece that I hope to personally pick up soon. I’m proud to have the privilege of displaying Bob’s work in our metaverse and hope to expand our cooperation with this amazing artist in the future.”

As we embark on our exciting journey together with Bob Batwin, we look forward to delving deeper into the rich tapestry of his artistry and sharing his exceptional talents with the world. Together, we aim to celebrate the fusion of creativity and mastery that defines his illustrious career.

Join us in this extraordinary endeavor of art and innovation with Bob Batwin as our valued partner, and witness the magical transformation of real art into an oasis of imaginary digital fantasy.

Destiny A.I. is a technology company with a focus on A.I. Sentience Simulation which will power their unique virtual social space to be launched at the end of Q4 2024.

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