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CET’s new CoreTx Go Palm Cooling device crucial to World Record Squats Attempt

Idai Makaya using the CoreTx GO palm cooling device

CoreTx Palm Cooling

CoreTx Palm Cooling

CET client Idai Makaya is using the CoreTx palm cooling device in attempt to break the World Record for Most Squats in 24 Hrs and raise money for orphanage.

DROMORE, CO DOWN, NORTHERN IRELAND, February 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Idai Makaya, who is not new to feats of strength and endurance, broke the world record for chin-ups in 2020, completing 5340 in 24 hours, is now gearing up to challenge the current world record for the most squats completed in a 24-hour period, which stands at an impressive 25,000.

CET Managing Director and inventor of the CoreTx, Colin Edgar, says “The concept of palm cooling was first developed at Stanford University in an attempt to combat heat stress but by accident they discovered that palm cooling also delayed fatigue thereby enhancing performance. The CoreTx GO takes this technology to the next level and we are pleased to see it used for such a deserving cause.”

Makaya’s quest is deeply personal, driven by a commitment to continue the philanthropic legacy of his brother, Garai, who tragically lost his life in a skydiving accident. Since 2018, following Garai’s passing, Idai has embarked on a series of extreme ultra-endurance events to raise funds for worthy causes in Southern Africa. This upcoming Guinness World Record attempt aims to raise £4,000 to install a borehole for the Hupenyu Hutsva orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe. The provision of a clean, unlimited water supply will significantly impact the lives of the 65 children residing at the orphanage, drastically improving sanitation and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases which have plagued the area.

Idai’s training regimen for this gruelling challenge is as innovative as his fundraising approach. Utilising the CoreTx Go Palm Cooling device, he has tailored his workouts to optimise endurance and recovery. Training three times a week, his sessions range from high-intensity squats in an EMS studio to longer, more sustained squatting sessions over the weekends. The use of palm cooling has been pivotal in allowing Idai to extend the duration and intensity of his workouts while combating muscle fatigue and overheating, demonstrating a unique approach to physical conditioning.

Commenting on the use of Palm Cooling throughout his training sessions Idai has stated that, “The secret to this type of training is to never sweat… If my muscles start to burn or fail, I just hold the palm cooler and keep squatting until I start to feel more normal again. It is very noticeable how the muscle pain ramps up if I don’t constantly hold the palm cooler in my hands… If my hands feel like they are freezing I’ll stop the palm cooling for a few minutes until they warm up, then I hold it again.”

As Makaya approaches this monumental task, he not only prepares to set a new world record but also to make a significant difference in the lives of children in need. The event promises to be a testament to human resilience, the spirit of giving, and the power of community support in achieving extraordinary feats.

For those looking to support Idai Makaya’s cause, please visit GoFundMe.

CET Ltd have been manufacturing CryoSpa Ice Baths in the UK for more than 20 years and now have clients in over 40 countries. The new CoreTx GO palm cooling device was developed during the Covid lockdown. For more information please visit CoreTxCooling.

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Idai Makaya using CoreTx GO palm cooling device while training for world 24 hour squats record attempt

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