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Chinese Government Launches First China-Arabic Center in Guangdong Province

Cynthia Accepting CCTV’s Interview

China-Arab Center in Shenzhen

Chinese Government Presentative Wu Bingbing

Chinese government officially inaugurated the first China-Arab Center in Holi Land, Guangdong Province, the most economically developed region in China.

BEIJING, BEIJING, CHINA, December 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beijing, China – To enhance bilateral relationships and increase economic cooperation between China and the Arabic world, the Chinese government officially inaugurated the first China-Arab Center today in Shenzhen Holi Land, Guangdong Province, the province to which the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou belong, is the most economically developed region in China. This pioneering venture, backed by a massive investment from the Holi Group, has been set up as a vibrant platform, highlighting the cultural richness, historical depth, beautiful landscapes of the Arabic world, and their forward-looking vision for future growth and 2030 investment goals.

The China-Arab Center, managed by students from the Arabic world currently studying in China, aims at promoting understanding and cooperation between the two regions. As part of this collaboration, the land will feature well-known brands from the Arabic world, providing Chinese investors with a unique opportunity to understand various investment options within these nations.

Wu Bingbing, a representative of the Guangdong Provincial Government, stated: “Participating in the construction of the ‘Belt and Road,’ Arab countries have unique advantages in areas such as location, energy, and finance. Many Arab nations are currently pushing for modernization of local industries, resulting in significant demand for infrastructure investment and industrial development. Given this backdrop, there is a vast potential for cooperation between China and the Arab world. Additionally, the bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Arab Countries is highly complementary. Arab countries boast significant energy reserves, and China, with its advanced technology and comprehensive industrial system, can meet the import needs of Arab countries.”

Cynthia Zhang, the director of the China-Arab Center, expressed immense pride in the Holi Group’s role as a pioneering representative of Chinese private enterprises in the Arab world. She acknowledged the robust support received from both Chinese and Saudi governments, which she said has greatly enabled their ventures in this new market. Zhang revealed that this year the Holi Group established a media studio in Saudi Arabia, thereby initiating an innovative media project that is set to enhance economic and trade exchanges between China and the Arabic world. Alongside this, she stated, the Group has kick-started numerous collaborative endeavors involving Chinese and Arab governments and corporations. Given these promising developments, Zhang voiced strong confidence in the future of Sino-Arabic relations and collaboration.

Cynthia Zhang’s video series, “Chinese Culture Enters Saudi Arabia,” made a significant impression in the mainstream media of both China and Saudi Arabia, gathering a staggering one billion views within its inaugural month. The Chinese public lauded her as the “most beautiful cultural ambassador between China and Saudi Arabia,” recognizing the series as a significant “Window to Understanding Saudi Arabia.”

With the launch of this extraordinary project, China aims to offer a fascinating view into the richness and uniqueness of the cultures and customs of the Arabic world. This act signifies a significant milestone aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries and fostering an understanding between their respective populations.

Chinese investors will join visitors from around the world in exploring the diverse cultural heritage, historic landmarks, breathtaking vistas, and intricacies of traditional customs of the Arabic world. Using interactive exhibits, cutting-edge technology, and immersive experiences, visitors will gain insight into the forward-thinking vision and ambitious goals of the Arabic world for 2030.

The successful realization of the China-Arab Center manifests the unwavering commitment of both nations to shape a shared future characterized by robust economic collaborations and cultural exchanges. This project represents a testament to both China and the Arabic world’s earnest desire to deepen their bilateral ties by leveraging mutually beneficial growth and prosperity prospects.

The inauguration of China-Arab Center is part of broader efforts to encourage dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between the two countries. This significant initiative serves as a turning point to further solidify existing friendly ties and open new paths for collaboration across multiple sectors.

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