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Confronting Sex Culture, Self-Sabotage, Marriage Deficit, and Trauma Cycles within the Black Community

Ending the toxic cycles that control our families while improving our self-esteem.

MANASSAS, VA, USA, February 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an endeavor to address and heal the emotional wounds that have affected the Black community for generations, authors Nijiama Smalls and Shamon Smalls proudly present their new self-help non-fiction book, “The Black Family’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds.”

With chapters entitled Poppa Was a Rolling Stone, Church Hurt and, You’re Smelling Yourself, this transformative guide delves into a range of issues that have historically impacted the Black community, including abuse, abandonment, inherited trauma, church trauma, financial wounds, addictions, and mental health challenges. The authors draw on personal experiences, sharing poignant stories that resonate with readers and shedding light on the profound impact of these issues on relationships and personal success.

Nijiama Smalls, having grown up in the racially charged environment of Rock Hill, SC, and Shamon Smalls, who navigated the challenges of being raised by a mentally ill mother in Washington, DC, provide a unique perspective on the journey to emotional freedom. The book not only chronicles their individual struggles but also explores how their shared pain disrupted their marriage and, most importantly, how they found healing together.

“The Black Family’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds” goes beyond personal narratives, incorporating historical facts and references to contextualize the challenges faced by the Black community. The authors have meticulously curated tangible resources, offering readers actionable steps towards healing.

Filled with thought-provoking reflection questions and engaging activities, the book provides a comprehensive toolkit for individuals and families to embark on their healing journey. This holistic approach ensures that readers not only gain insights into their own experiences but also actively participate in the healing process.

Nijiama Smalls and Shamon Smalls aim to empower individuals and families by providing a roadmap to navigate the complexities of emotional wounds. By sharing their stories and lessons learned, they inspire hope and resilience, encouraging readers to confront and overcome challenges that may hinder personal growth and fulfillment.

“The Black Family’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds” is a timely and impactful contribution to the self-help genre, offering a resource that addresses long-standing issues within the Black community while fostering a sense of unity and strength. Grab a Copy Today.

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