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Connecticut Dental Association – Dr. Bernard Fialkoff DDS, NYC Periodontal / Implant Surgeon ” Vaping / Illicit Drugs”

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff Speaker

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff Speaker at Hispanic Dental Conference

The CSDA invites Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, NYC Periodontal / Dental Implant Surgeon to present ” Vaping / Illicit Drug Consequences for the Dental Practitioner.

MOHEGAN SUN HOTEL, CONNECTICUT, USA, April 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Connecticut State Dental Association invited Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, a 43 year NYC Periodontal / Dental Implant Surgeon to present on ” Vaping and Illicit Drugs for the Health Practitioner “, at the Annual Charter Oak Dental Meeting being held May 15 – 17, 2024 at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Dr. Fialkoff is a member of the NYSDA Chemical Dependency Committee; Fellow of the International College of Dentists and Pierre Fauchard Academy; International Freedom Medal winner for Drug Education; President of The Non-Profit Foundation for a Drug Free World – The Americas Chapter drug education program.

On November 3, 2022, the American Dental Association ( ADA ) recommended patients refrain from using marijuana before dental visits, after new surveys found more than half of dentists (52%) reported patients arriving for appointments high on marijuana or another drug. Further, that surveys show 67% of patients are comfortable talking to their dentist about marijuana; And that the ADA recommends dentists discuss marijuana use while reviewing health history during dental visits.

JAMA September 23, 2020 reported that women who used cannabis during pregnancy were more likely to have children with social problems, impulsivity and attention problems, and psychotic-like experiences that can be predictive of disorders like schizophrenia. Also that, prenatal cannabis exposure and its correlated factors are associated with greater risk for psychopathology during middle childhood.

Dr. Fialkoff noted that NIH and CDC findings show an increase in intra oral and systemic medical conditions; And that patient

management and pain control issues have surfaced.

At this Charter Oak Dental Meeting dentists will learn the clinical implications of vaping, marijuana and opioids on dental practice;

Gain an understanding on how to avoid the risks; Implement effective, workable protocols in the dental office environment; Establish themselves as a community oriented practitioners; And elevate the goodwill of the dental profession across the nation.

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