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Descendents of Prince Abdulrahman Sori will Emerge on the Beautiful River Town of Natchez Mississippi

Princess Karen with Guinean Delegation, 12/21/2023

Prince Abdulrahman's Liberian Descendent, Dr. Artemus Gaye

Dr. Artemus Gaye and Elder El Hadji Mody Ordy Barry, May 2022

The Royal Family of Prince Abdulrahman of Guinea is Coming to Natchez Mississippi

Prince Abdulrahman’s story is unbelievable but true, Dr. Gaye has unearthed two centuries of unspoken truths.”

— Professor Steven Haden

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Artemus Gaye and Princess Karen Chatman of Natchez Mississippi leads the movement to unite all the descendants of Prince Abdulrahman for over 20 years. One of the greatest stories ever captured and documented of an enslaved Prince in the United States was introduced into American Literature by Dr. Terry Alford “The Prince Among Slaves” published in 1977 and the same-titled documentary first aired in 2008.

In 2020, Dr. Artemus Gaye published the acclaimed book; ” A Tossed American Pie” which stems from over ten years of research into Prince Abdulrahman’s and his wife Isabella’s life. Dr. Gaye’s research examines and provides an analytical deep dive into the Tran- Atlantic Slave trade, the history of pre-colonial Guinea, Prince Abdulrahman’s and Isabella’s relationship, and historical records from both the National and Mississippi Archives. Dr. Gaye will reveal lost records that expose various connections of families throughout; Adams, and Wilkerson Counties located in Mississippi, and the State of Louisiana where strong ties are linked to Prince Abdulrahman to its readers and at the upcoming Symposium on May 11th, 2023, from 6 pm until 9 pm, at the Natchez African Museum of History and culture under the direction of Mr. Bobby Dennis.

Dr. Gaye in May of 2022 traveled to Timbo Guinea and met the Royal Ancestral family of Prince Abdulrahman. This meeting led to a global collaboration led by Dr. Gaye, Princess Karen Chatman, and Elder El Hadji Mody Oury Barry, resulting in a second trip to Guinea. On December 17th, 2022, Princess Karen Chatman alongside other American, Liberian, and Moroccan, representatives visited the scared grounds of Timbo and meet with the Elders of Prince Abdulrahman’s family.

The emotional and significant meeting paved the way for the Global search and uniting of all the descendants of Prince Abdulrahman by Gaye, Chatman, and the Elders of the Barry-Sori families of Guinea. The week of March 8th, 2023, Dr. Gaye alongside Elder El Mody Oury Hadji and Guinean Delegates will share the untold history at the Isabella and the Prince, ” A Love Story-Twinning Cities”.

Mayor Dan Gibson on May 9th will welcome the Guinean Delegates as well as Mayor Chokwe LuMumba of Jackson Mississippi on May 12th, 2023. The week will be full of events that are open to the public such as the meeting of descendants at the Natchez Convention Center, on May 12th.

The Friends of the Forks in the Road will also host the delegates for a walking tour of Natchez and of the former home of Thomas Foster where Prince Abdulrahman was enslaved. The day will end with a Breaking of Bread luncheon.

Dr. Gaye is inviting all those who have ties to Prince Abdulrahman to join in these historical events. Please RSVP @ isabellaandtheprince@gmail.com

James Hughs
Daily Ghana Press
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