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Dr. Guy E. Glad’s Book: “Ambushed! Siren Song of Alcohol Use” Offers Healing Insights

Dr. Guy E. Glad’s insightful book blends medical and biblical perspectives, guiding readers towards healing from alcohol challenges.

WA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned author and certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, Dr. Guy E. Glad, has released his latest book, “Ambushed! The Siren Song of Alcohol Use,” a perceptive and comprehensive guide to addressing alcohol abuse, dependence, and recovery.

In this insightful book, Dr. Glad combines his expertise in addiction counseling and theology to present a holistic approach to alcohol use. Drawing from both general revelation (nature, medicine) and special revelation (the Bible), Dr. Glad offers a clear path for individuals grappling with the challenges of alcohol abuse. Whether recovering from the devastating effects of dependence or seeking guidance for responsible alcohol consumption, this book offers a timely and effective resource.

Dr. Glad’s extensive experience as an Army Chaplain and hospital-credentialed addiction medicine and behavioral health therapist has uniquely positioned him to address the intricate complexities of alcohol abuse. Through his words, he empowers readers with the tools to make informed decisions about alcohol use, grounded in biblical wisdom and medical insights.

As an Associate Professor of Leadership and Counseling Psychology at Faith International University, Dr. Glad brings academic rigor to his practical approach. His book doesn’t just provide theoretical insights; it offers actionable steps and guidance for real-world situations. With a Ph.D. in Administration and Counseling, and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) in Counseling Leadership, Dr. Glad’s credentials highlight his commitment to equipping individuals with knowledge that can transform their lives.

In “Ambushed! The Siren Song of Alcohol Use,” readers will find a clear and balanced perspective on alcohol use, freedom in Christ, and the importance of making wise lifestyle decisions. By merging biblical principles with medical understanding, Dr. Glad offers a roadmap to recovery and a life of purpose. His other notable works, “Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises” and “Resilient Faith of Biblical Proportions: Triumphant, Effective, Eternal,” further demonstrate his dedication to guiding individuals toward holistic healing and spiritual growth.

For those seeking hope, healing, and a way forward in their journey with alcohol, “Ambushed! The Siren Song of Alcohol Use” provides a valuable resource. Dr. Glad’s unique blend of expertise, compassion, and practical guidance ensures that readers will find inspiration, transformation, and renewed purpose.

For more information about the book and author, visit Dr. Guy E. Glad’s author page on Amazon.

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