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First Nominees submitted for the South Florida Council of African Elders

About the South Florida Council of Elders

Local communities connect traditional practices to current concerns to build strong futures

FORT LAUDERDALE, FORIDA, USA, May 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Cultural Wellness Movement has received the first nominations for the South Florida Council of African Elders. The nominees received hand-delivered notifications of the nominations, which included information about next steps in the process of being installed on the Council.

The Council is being established in response to longing from the South Florida African (descent) community for the guidance of elder wisdom for the good of the present and the future. The movement joins the world trend within which people of African descent are seeking wellness by reclaiming historical truths and examining what it means to blend the identity of the present with the strengths of the past.

Nations on the continent of Africa have long relied on elder councils to provide guidance in matters affecting the population. According to African American History Professor Manu Ampim, a council of elders can be consulted “in a variety of matters, ranging from family or marriage disputes, community-wide issues, naming of buildings and community centers, and directing resources to supporting important projects. Without a council of elders most Black communities will remain disorganized and lacking direction and effective leadership.” (https://www.manuampim.com/AfricanInitiationRites.htm).

African (descent) communities in the United States, many of which are striving to redesign impaired relationships with law enforcement and other regulatory entities, will find strength and dignity in an enhanced ability to self-regulate with the guidance of Elder Councils. Ultimately, balance will be restored in individuals, families, and neighborhoods, and overburdened, overemphasized systems of management and monitoring will be relieved of over-reliance on them to address social problems.

Becoming an Elder isn’t the same as becoming elderly, though, and not everyone can, or desires to meet the standard. Elders are not selected based on wealth, popularity, or power, but rather because of their wisdom, incorruptibility, responsibility to their own families and communities, and resolve to act for the greater good. For the South Florida Council of African Elders, expected to consider the needs of people of African descent in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, nominees must meet these requirements:

• The Elder must be of African descent.

• The Elder must be one who embraces leadership and growth, not defined as an Elder merely by age but rather by good repute and service to the community.

• The Elder must be 62 years of age or greater.

• The Elder must be willing to complete an Elder’s Rite of Passage.

• The Elder must be nominated by one or more members of the South Florida African (descent) community.

• The Elder must attend council meetings and be available to provide guidance to the diverse local African community, including individuals, organizations, government, and faith leaders.

The council will be installed in a public ceremony in August 2023.

To nominate an elder, complete the nomination form at: www.fireforgedrecovery.com/council-of-african-elders or www.theculturehasthecure.com/nominate-an-elder by June 1, 2023. The Final list of nominees and the plans for the Elder Rite of Passage will be announced in June 2023.

Fire Forged Recovery’s mission is to assist people, families, and communities affected by bias to achieve cultural wellness. Find out more about the Cultural Wellness Movement or get involved. Email theculturehasthecure@fireforgedrecovery.com, or text/call (754) 777-0806 for more information.

Sonia Bailey
Fire Forged Recovery

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