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Global Cannabinoid Research Center and Nanobles Corporation Merge to Create The NANO Group

Mike Robinson and David Uhalley announced their new entity with a Trademark on The NANO Group

David Uhalley and Mike Robinson, the Nanobles Corporate Team

David Uhalley and Mike Robinson, the NANO Group Corporate Team

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, is a cannabinoid medicine researcher that was just named to the Top 100 Most Influential People In Cannabis for 2021 by High Times Magazine.

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, is a cannabinoid medicine researcher that has done video presentations for Symposiums around the world from his Global Cannabinoid Research Center

The Nano Group has been created as an umbrella for nearly a dozen product lines and inventions or technologies from their Global Cannabinoid Research Center

The NANO Group’s mission is to provide next-level nutraceuticals and medicines, functional food and beverage flavorings and preservatives, focusing on Endocannabinoid System and full body Health. ”

— Mike Robinson, CEO, Nanobles, Inc.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC) and Nanobles Corporation have just announced their merger, creating a new entity, The NANO Group. This nanotechnology entity focuses on functional medicines, food flavorings and preservatives, and much more.

Mike Robinson, CEO of The NANO Group and founder of the GCRC, said, “The merger with Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC) is now complete, and the two entities need a financial vehicle and umbrella. We’ve got so many creations that many could make breakaway corporations.”

Robinson, who recently appeared on the Montel Williams show “Let’s Be Blunt” about his journeys through Cancer and other health problems using plant medicine as well as Nanotechnology, was also one of High Times Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis in 2021 and recently named as Businessperson of the year for 2023 for his area of the mecca Santa Barbara County, California on the Alignable platform.

David Uhalley, C.O.O., and CEO Robinson have made headlines over the last several years with their nanotechnology entity as it prepares to advance their formulations and brands to the marketplace. “We’ve made everything proprietary and focus on stable, safe products for health and wellness,” he said, “there are a lot of companies out there using unsafe ingredients. We search far and hard to find the best possible for our formulations.”

The NANO Group has already begun expanding its operations in research, development, and product creation for medical/nutraceuticals markets, plant-based products for food/beverage flavoring applications, a carcinogen-free preservative, sports medicines, and Robinson has been working on designing a product for several years now for the global market to stabilize plant DNA.

Over the past two years, Robinson and Uhalley have made several announcements of Trademarks on their creations and formulations. With Robinson leading the entity as a world-renowned educator on Cannabinoid Medicine, the NANO Group announced earlier in 2023 that they would make moves to avoid the Cannabis Industry itself and focus on Health and Wellness products that include flavoring and preserving what we eat and drink with nature while continuing Cannabinoid Medicine Research and Development for future pharmaceuticals.

“There are so many beneficial plants in nature; the world of nutraceuticals thrives daily on many supplements. I focus on Endocannabinoid system enhancement and how our body needs many different elements of nature. We’re not getting these with the food people eat or what many consider a healthy diet.”

Robinson spoke further about his vision for The NANO Group regarding functional medicine, nutraceuticals, and food and beverage flavorings/preservatives: “We’re very dedicated to creating solutions through our efforts in nanotechnology and beyond that will help reduce our reliance on synthetic substances and other items known to cause harm to humans that are often on the shelf in supplements and medicines,” He continued: “We want to be known for not only pushing boundaries within nature and science but also for being able to provide real-world solutions that can help people lead healthier lives.”

With their combined expertise in nanotech research and development, Robinson and Uhalley are looking to revolutionize how we think about medicine, food flavoring applications, and industrial bioproducts – all while helping reduce waste.

“In some of his applications, Mike has found valuable purposes for elements of the Cannabis or hemp plant other than cannabinoids or terpenes; it’s fascinating to watch his many creations roll out to view for our potential investment partners. The NANO Group has no focus in the Cannabis industry as most know it, but Cannabinoid Medicine R&D is one of our many divisions,” Stated David Uhalley

“What many will find interesting is the Endocannabinoid Medicine element that’s being brought forward in multiple discoveries and creations by The NANO Group’s many different divisions. Being in charge of the Research and Development became interesting when the Corporate Mission moved away from Cannabis, but that’s when Endocannabinoid Medicine and the many different elements of nature came into play. So many believe only Cannabinoids will help them in the Cannabis movement. I’m here to teach about a family known as Cannabaceae – it has 174 flowering plants and 11 genera within it – Cannabis being only one of them,” stated the well-versed plant medicine researcher.

With their ambitious vision for functional food flavorings and preservatives coupled with the many brands and creations made with sustainability firmly set at the forefront of their mission, a bright future is ahead at The NANO Group – they will continue to develop innovative solutions that will benefit us all.

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