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HealthPrevent360: An Innovative Approach to Prevention Launches in Washington Heights, Bronx with HDR Healthcare clinics

Dr. Jimenez, founder of HealthPrevent360, Bronx native, Board-Certified in Public Health and Prevention, is on a mission to transform preventive care!

Audubon Primary Care Clinic located in 325 Audubon Ave, Washington Heights NY.

Audubon Primary Care Clinic located in 325 Audubon Ave, Washington Heights NY.

HDR Healthcare Clinics Implement HealthPrevent360, Enhancing Preventive Care with Advanced Technology to Tackle Health Inequities

BRONX, NEW YORK, USA, April 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a significant leap towards combating health inequities and improving community health, HDR Healthcare Network is proud to implement the HealthPrevent360 program, a comprehensive healthcare solution designed to transform the landscape of preventive care. Developed by the renowned public health expert and technology innovator, Dr. Jimenez, HealthPrevent360 stands as a testament to leveraging advanced technology to bridge the gaps in healthcare access and quality.

The HealthPrevent360 program leverages real-time medical record integration, advanced algorithms, and AI to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of preventive healthcare. It addresses the challenging reality that primary care physicians face in delivering guideline-recommended care within practical time constraints, aiming to alleviate these burdens and close the care gap in underserved communities.

Dr. Andres Jimenez, Bronx born and esteemed alumni of Dartmouth, Brown, and Cornell, brings his unique blend of medical expertise and technological acumen to the forefront of the HealthPrevent360 initiative. “Launching in the Bronx holds a special significance for me – it’s not just the place where I was born, but also where my journey to make a tangible impact on healthcare continued for almost two decades by mentoring hundreds of premed high school students” says Dr. Jimenez. With a proven track record in disease prevention and behavior change, Dr. Jimenez’s vision for HealthPrevent360 is to create a scalable solution that addresses the pressing healthcare needs of many underserved communities. “Underserved, can also include populations with unique needs requiring a personalized approach to prevention such as law enforcement, who compared to the US general population, suffer disproportionately from cancer and chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and suicide. Soldiers experience unique occupational hazards related to deployments, such as exposure to fuels that carry unique long-term health risks as well. Adolescents in college, are heavily exposed to risks involving sex, alcohol, and drugs, greatly impacting biological and mental health, sometimes amplified by underlying adverse childhood events. There are also adolescents in High School, who we have witnessed first-hand through our STEM programs, that can become change agents for better health in their home, amongst peers and in their communities. Only by expanding the scope of prevention and leveraging the latest technologies can we hope to change the trajectory of preventive care in this nation.”

This collaboration between HDR Healthcare Network and the HealthPrevent360 program is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to transforming healthcare delivery, especially in areas plagued by historical inequities. HDR Healthcare Network, serving over 50,000 New Yorkers across Manhattan and the Bronx, has been at the forefront of delivering compassionate, community-centered healthcare. Despite the challenges faced in ensuring equitable care, HDR continues to break barriers by adopting innovative solutions like HealthPrevent360. By addressing the root causes of chronic diseases and focusing on prevention, HDR aims to create a healthier, more vibrant community.

For more information about the HealthPrevent360 program and HDR Healthcare Network, please visit https://www.healthier.clinic/primary-care

About HDR Healthcare Network:

HDR Healthcare Network is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive healthcare services to over 50,000 New Yorkers. With a network of six qualified health centers throughout Manhattan and the Bronx, HDR Healthcare Network is committed to delivering quality-driven, patient-centered care and supporting the well-being of the communities it serves.


About HealthPrevent360:

The HealthPrevent360 program, powered by Healthier.clinic, is designed to revolutionize preventive healthcare. Developed under the guidance of Dr. Andres Jimenez, the program leverages cutting-edge technology, including algorithms containing thousands of evidence-based rules that can be applied towards a patient’s medical records in fractions of a second. There rules are carefully created and managed by physicians Board-Certified in Public Health and Prevention. HealthPrevent360 aims to improve healthcare efficiency and quality, extend healthy lifespans and support community well-being. From early adolescence through the golden years, across genders, our goal is to transform prevention, to help individuals live longer and healthier to support those they love!



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