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How HomeTown Ticketing CEO Nick Mirisis Is Helping to Revolutionize School Fundraising

Nick Mirisis, CEO and Board Member at HomeTown Ticketing, a leading EdTech Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

Annually, schools raise billions to enhance their budgets and provide better resources for students.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Annually, schools raise billions to enhance their budgets and provide better resources for students. The fundraising landscape is witnessing a significant shift, as traditional methods like product sales make way for innovative digital platforms. Leading this transformative way is Nick Mirisis, the CEO of HomeTown who partners with thousands of schools nation-wide on community based event management and digital ticketing.

The move towards digital fundraising aligns with broader societal trends towards digital engagement. It increases efficiency by sidestepping logistical hurdles like cash and inventory management and broadens the donor pool beyond local communities. Digital platforms leverage social media, text, and email to expand reach and offer real-time analytics for more strategic fundraiser planning.

Despite the numerous advantages of digital tools, a major drawback has been the hefty fees—often exceeding 20%–charged by many platforms. HomeTown, under Nick Mirisis’s leadership, is changing the game by collaborating with Schoolfundr to provide digital fundraising tools that allow schools and students to keep all the funds they raise, minus payment processing fees.

Schoolfundr, the fastest growing company in the K-12 sector, has added over 1,000 schools to its platform since last fall and has enabled groups to raise millions of dollars without any platform fees. Schoolfundr’s software equips coaches and group leaders with campaign-based tolls, including personalized participant pages, effortless 1-click social media sharing, and capabilities to support activity-based a-thon fundraisers. Moreover, each fundraiser is supported by a dedicated fundraising expert to guide them through every step of the process.

“Every dollar saved on third-party fees is a dollar that supports a student’s education, extracurricular activities, or essential school supplies. It’s not merely fundraising; it’s an investment in our future,” says Mirisis. His approach ensures that fundraising efforts directly enhance the educational experiences, offering more opportunities for learning and growth.

Platforms like Schoolfundr are pivotal, providing a fee-free fundraising environment that maximizes the benefits for school programs. In today’s digital age, the ability to share campaigns on social media and create custom student pages without the burden of unnecessary fees is crucial.

Offering advice to school leaders, Mirisis recommends, “Start by evaluating your current fundraising practices and consider the long-term benefits of transitioning to platform like Schoolfundr which provides a great product, exceptional support, and allows you to keep everything you raise. Choose a solution that aligns with both your financial objectives and your school’s values. This is a call to action for schools to find and adopt fundraising solutions that best serve their students and communities, there is a better way to fundraise.”

By embracing the fee-free digital fundraising model with platforms like Schoolfundr, schools can effectively navigate the challenges of tight budgets, ensuring every dollar raised directly supports high-quality education and enriching extracurricular activities.

About HomeTown Ticketing
HomeTown Ticketing is the premier digital ticketing provider for K-12 and community events across the United States. Offering a simple, secure, and convenient ticketing solution, HomeTown Ticketing empowers schools, districts, and community organizations to manage, sell, and scan tickets for events effortlessly. For more information, visit https://www.hometownticketing.com.

About Nick Mirisis
Nick Mirisis serves as CEO and Board Member at HomeTown Ticketing, a leading EdTech SaaS firm that specializes in boosting revenues for educational institutions through a robust management platform. Dedicated to helping educators tackle challenges in event management, operations, and fundraising, Mirisis aims to improve financial resources for student programs. Since 2023, he has also contributed as an Operating Partner at Fulcrum Venture Group. Mirisis’ two-decade career in growth-focused executive roles showcases his expertise in driving acquisition, increasing revenues, and enhancing customer loyalty. Before his current role, he significantly impacted SamCart, a VC-funded SaaS focused on CheckoutOS automation, as Chief Revenue Officer and President/GM of eCommerce, where he elevated the ARR from $11 million to $30 million.

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