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Katy Tunbridge Sets Stage for Eclectic Musical Journey with New Releases and Cover of a Modern Classic

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Australian singer-songwriter, Katy Tunbridge, is pleased to announce an exciting lineup of releases for 2024, leading with her cover of “Love Is The Answer,” by Aloe Blacc & Pharrell Williams. Due for release on February 14th, track marks the start of a prolific year brimming with fresh and innovative music from the artist.

Building on the momentum from her recent bilingual release, “Lying Through Your Teeth,” Katy continues to showcase her expansive musical repertoire throughout 2024. Her upcoming single, “Living The Dream,” scheduled for release in early April, is a melodic fusion of pop and reggae, drawing inspiration from the iconic UB40 sound. This series of singles, each revealing a different facet of Katy’s artistry, is setting the stage for her much-anticipated full album, which promises to deliver a diverse spectrum of musical experiences.

“Music, to me, is a relentless pursuit. It’s the stubbornness to keep going, to keep creating, that has always driven me,” Katy says. “This year’s releases represent the breadth of my musical passions, from the heartfelt to the high-energy, and everything in between.”

Katy is not merely just a celebrated Australian artist with a track record of captivating performances since childhood; she is also an adept producer and industry mentor. Her career has been marked by collaborations with some of the finest musicians and producers, culminating in her upcoming Nashville-recorded album. This latest project is a collaborative endeavor featuring Katy Tunbridge’s signature style, influenced by legendary acts like The Beatles and Joss Stone, and produced with Grammy-nominated talent Billy Smiley. The album’s sound is further enriched by the expertise of celebrated session musicians, such as Bruce Watson of Foreigner, Willie Brown Jr. known for his work with Alicia Keys and Janelle Monáe, bassist Gary Lunn from Dolly Parton’s band, and the skilled bass guitarist Peewee Hill, among others.

Katy’s music, known for its heartfelt authenticity, is set to bring a transformative wave of innovation with her upcoming releases. As she continues to connect with listeners worldwide, these new works are poised to reflect her artistic evolution and bolster her presence in the music industry, underscoring her journey of relentless creativity.

For more information about Katy and her music, please visit www.katytunbridge.com and https://songwhip.com/katytunbridge.

About Katy Tunbridge

Katy Tunbridge is an Aussie; born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. After winning an acting scholarship in Los Angeles, and having the opportunity of living between Sydney and LA for three years, Katy then moved to New York City where she also attained her Diploma in Recording Engineering and Music Production. Katy is also a singer/songwriter and has been singing and playing guitar since she was 8 years old. After writing and producing music, kids’ music, and jingles for other people for 10 years Katy started releasing her own music in 2017 and had the exciting opportunity to sing gigs in New York, LA, and Sydney.

Katy has studied at schools such as NIDA, Anthony Meindl LA, Clay Banks Acting Studio and accent coaching LA, Screen Actors Workshop with Alan Nurthen, TVi LA, LA Voiceover Academy with Melissa Disney, Voiceover coaching with Grant Lyndon and the infamous Edge Studio New York. Katy has also booked roles in tv, film and commercials as well as performing on stage in multiple countries.

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